Off-Campus Housing

General Information

For students who prefer to live off campus, a number of options exist to assist in the search for accommodations. The Bay Area rental market is extremely competitive so students should plan ahead.

We recommend searching six to eight weeks before arrival. And as a courtesy, below are some links that can help you begin your search.

Our recommendation is to begin with CCA’s Off-Campus Listings and Roommate Search Database (you must have a valid email to view roommate database), which are listings where landlords have specifically asked for CCA students to rent their units and CCA students are posting openings in their apartments.

We also highly encourage reading through Best College's Student Renter's Guide and our Common Mistakes page, which serves as a resource of things to consider while conducting the search.

Lastly, you might want to consider Renters Insurance to protect your personal property (if you are not covered by your parent's homeowners insurance). Renters Insurance protects you from being held financially responsible for unintentional damage to the housing structure you living in.

Two links are listed as references below:

Neighborhoods to Consider

CCA's Oakland campus is located at 5212 Broadway in the Rockridge neighborhood.

CCA's San Francisco campus is located at 1111 8th Street at the base of Potrero Hill in the Design District.

Previous students who have lived off campus have found the neighboring areas of Temescal, Piedmont, Lake Merrit Berkeley, Emeryville, Mission, SoMa (South of Market), and Bernal Heights to be suitable alternatives to Rockridge and Potrero Hill.

Nevertheless, a student’s needs, budget, and other considerations may require expanding the search to other areas.

Short-Term Housing

Hostels, hotels, and home rentals can provide a good “landing pad,” a short-term housing option when you arrive and while you are searching for more permanent housing options.

Long-Term Housing

While most ads are legitimate, be aware of the occasional scam or fake ad. Always view the room or apartment interior in person before signing a lease. Ask to meet the owner or an official representative when you make a deposit or first rent payment (or both).

If you are asked to mail money for rent or a deposit, wire money, or send money via Western Union, be very cautious; it's probably a scam.

Property-management companies or owners have a right to run a credit check on you, which you may have to pay for (usually $35-50).

Website Resources

Roommate Search

The Office of Housing & Residence Life maintains a Roommate Search Database where you can browse for available listings. Only CCA students with a valid address can post to this database.

Some additional resources:

Craigslist has a "Rooms & Shares" section where you can find people looking for a roommate to share a unit. You can also use the "Housing Wanted" section to post information about yourself and the property you are hoping to secure.

Students' academic department may have a list of other students in the program who are seeking roommates, so we encourage you to reach out to the academic department.

For Landlords with Space to Rent

Landlords that wish to post housing advertisements may do so by filling out the following form.