Safe & Supportive Standards of Living

All members of the CCA community have a responsibility to protect and maintain a safe and academically supportive climate in which the freedom to learn can be enjoyed by all.

Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible individuals, respecting the rights of others.

To this end, California College of the Arts has developed certain basic policies governing student conduct.

Residential students are also required to follow the terms of the Housing License Agreement and the Community Standards & Policies set forth below, which apply to behavior in and around the residential buildings and at all Residential Life–sponsored activities held off campus.

Residential Community Standards & Policies

See Residential Community Standards & Policies for expanded information about each of the following topics:

Automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters

Bicycles and recreational wheeled devices

Community bathrooms
Computing in the residence halls
Cooperation and compliance with staff

Destroying, damaging, or tampering with property

Disorderly conduct



Firearms, weapons, fireworks, and dangerous chemicals

Fire safety


Obstruction of common areas

Policy prohibiting discrimination, unlawful harassment & retaliation
Quiet hours & courtesy hours
Residential Community Standards & Policies
Room and public area decorating
Room, floor/section, and kitchen responsibility
Room transfers


Smoke Detectors, sprinkler heads, and carbon monoxide detectors
Visitation & room guests

Windows & restricted areas

See also Student Handbook for more additional information about campus policies and the college’s Code of Conduct.