Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Housing & Residential Life staff understands you have many questions regarding your summer-housing options. We've compiled some of the most common questions below and provided answers so that you can quickly access the information you need.

If you have outstanding questions, contact us at

Summer Housing FAQ

Q: Where will CCA Summer Housing take place?

A: Summer Housing will take place at Panoramic Residences at 1321 Mission Street in San Francisco.

Q: Will I be able to get a single room for CCA Summer Housing?

A: All students should plan to have roommates. Single rooms are offered in suite-style living arrangements at the Panoramic Residences and as singles bedrooms in Arkansas. Single rooms within suites are very limited. Most students will live in a double room and have a roommate.

Q: I live on campus now or will be living on campus for the upcoming fall. Will I be able to live in my current room assignment or my upcoming fall room assignment for the summer?

A: No. Students who live on campus for summer should plan to move sometime during the summer and potentially move multiple times.

We realize moves are strenuous for students, so every opportunity will be taken to limit the amount of moves; however, moves are necessary to support facilities and janitorial projects and to provide housing to as many students as possible.

Q: I will graduate in May. Am I still eligible for Summer Housing?

A. Yes, you are eligible to live with us under a Summer Housing agreement. However, the Office of Housing & Residential Life will first house students who are currently enrolled at CCA before working with students who are graduating. All spring graduates who are participating in commencement are welcome to stay until Noon on the Sunday after commencement with no additional cost.

Q. I currently live in housing. Do I have to take summer courses to live on campus for summer?

A. No, all students who live in housing for Spring are eligible for Summer Housing. 

Q: I will be living in housing in the upcoming fall. Can I live in Summer Housing?

A.Yes, students who are registered for Fall and will be living in housing for that upcoming fall are eligible for summer housing during the summer before their fall enrollment.

Q. What are the rules for summer housing?

A. All rules, policies, and procedures for living in housing across CCA are found:

Residential Community Standards and Policies
Operations and Policies

Q. If I don’t like my room, can I transfer?

A. Bed space is limited so no summer room transfer periods are being offered. The Office of Housing & Residential Life staff will work with students in emergency situations to provide for student safety.

Staff also has extensive training and processes in place to manage roommate disputes. Contact your Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) if you are experiencing roommate difficulties.

Q. I have someone I would like to be my roommate, is it possible to request them?

A. Students are always welcome to request roommates and a section exists on the application to do so. Get your requested roommate’s roommate code (found in the upper right-hand corner of the Housing@CCA system) to create a roommate group for summer.

Roommate requests will only be honored if space is available and both students request each other as roommates at the time of application.

Q. I have a disability and I need special housing accommodations. With whom should I speak?

A. Please contact the Dean of Students office at to get assistance with a housing accommodation. Accommodation requests for Summer Housing should be completed before April 15, so the department can best plan for accommodating any student need.

Q. I have a family member or partner not affiliated with CCA that I would like to live with me. Is this possible?

A. At this time, family housing options are not available.

Q. I would like to explore the possibility of gender-neutral/gender inclusive housing for the summer. Is this possible?

A. Yes. Email for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Q: I need to cancel my Summer Housing agreement. What should I do?

A. Email as soon as possible so we can work with you to complete this process. Note: Fees may exist for canceling summer housing.