F-1 students are eligible, as a benefit of their F-1 status, to work on campus. You do not need special work authorization, but you must maintain your F-1 status while you are working on campus. The job does not need to be related to your field of study.

What Is Campus Employment?

Campus employment means CCA is your employer (i.e., the college pays you) such as Media Center and library positions, or working as a resident advisor or Chimera leader. It also includes commercial firms who operate on campus, CCA contractors, and those who provide services directly to students (e.g., A2 Café).

If you are unsure whether something qualifies as campus employment, consult an ISAP advisor before accepting a job offer.


Unlike CPT and OPT, no waiting period is required for students to be eligible to work on campus. Upon initial entry to the United States to begin a program of study, F-1 students are eligible to work on campus up to 30 days before the actual start date of classes.

Access to On-Campus Jobs

CCA posts on-campus jobs on Workday. You can also talk to professors, studio managers, or other CCA staff for possible openings in their department.

For more information, please visit the Portal.