ISAP Programs & Resources

  • The ISAP Office provides resources and support in the following areas:
  • Advising for students on F-1 student visas and J-1 exchange visitor visas
  • Administration of and advising for CCA’s semester exchange programs
  • Planning and promotion of cultural programming and workshops.
  • Coordination of the ISAP ambassadors program
  • Referrals for support services including counseling, academic coaching, and international opportunities for all CCA students.
  • Faculty and staff may contact an ISAP staff member with questions or concerns that involve an international student.

Other International Opportunities

In addition to the ISAP Office, there are other departments at CCA that offer opportunities for all students to study away, either within the United States or abroad.

Programs and support for international students at CCA exist for those who may need extra support to enhance their success at the college.

Office of Special Programs

The Office of Special Programs offers several programs that support all CCA students who wish to have a short-term international experience as well as programs that support the success of international students at CCA.

  • Summer Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to participate in CCA faculty-led summer programs that provide unique cultural opportunities.
  • Summer Start for Undergrad provides international students accepted to CCA’s undergraduate programs the opportunity to strengthen their language and studio skills in preparation for study at the college.
  • Summer Start for Graduate prepares international graduate students the necessary language and academic skills to succeed in graduate programs at CCA.

AICAD Mobility Program

The Student Records Office manages the AICAD mobility program. This program allows CCA students to study at another AICAD institution for a semester.

For additional information, review the AICAD mobility program instructions and application or contact Peg Leary, or both.



The International Student Affairs and Programs (ISAP) office promotes international education within the greater CCA community and supports student success at CCA.

Through education and resources, we broaden students’ understanding of federal immigration regulations and assist students as they navigate cultural and academic transitions.

We value diversity in all its forms and challenge all CCA students to increase their awareness of global perspectives as an integral part of their growth into artist citizens.