Chimera Council

In the spirit of the Chimera, the undergraduate student council renamed itself Chimera Council.

What does Chimera mean? Find out »

Among the Council are dedicated and engaged Chimera leaders -- those who not only welcome eager CCA arrivals at the college’s new student orientation, but also support, champion, and involve themselves in the entire student experience.

About Chimera Council

The Council’s mission is to bridge communities through events and initiatives, advocate on behalf of the student community, and mentor students to be successful artist-citizens.

Bridging Communities
The Council coordinates events and initiatives throughout the academic year by partnering with offices and departments across the college.

Advocates for Students
The Council gathers feedback from the student community through one-on-one conversations, town hall meetings, and strategic surveys.

The information in turn helps the Council share the student perspective in key committee meetings such as the Orientation Planning Committee, the President’s Diversity Steering Group (PDSG), the President’s Sustainability Steering Group (PSSG), the Chief Information Officer Advisory Group, and the CCA Board of Trustees.

Mentoring Artistic-Citizens
The Council values the role of being a mentor to all students and continues to play an integral role in the development of the new student orientation.

Students successfully transition into life at CCA when they become a resource and a mentor. This is how our community thrives.

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Learn More About What Makes You a Chimera

What Is a Chimera?

A Chimera is a unique creature that combines multiple animals into something greater, without losing the identities of each -- a powerful representation of unity in diversity. — Robyn Wilson (Textiles)

A Chimera is a mythical creature made up of lion, goat, and snake -- three distinct identities that culminate in a single form and represent an apex of strength, knowledge, and skill.

CCA’s student body is as distinct as a Chimera and just as powerful. We embrace its representation as a strong symbol that aligns our students in creative, multifaceted, and powerful ways.

And like the Chimera, with the confidence to maintain its exceptional form, we too want to be confident in our differences and encourage others to maintain their identities.

The Chimera inspires us to lead by example.

Why a Mascot?

The college’s founder, Frederick Meyer, had a dream for the college, one that would unite the practical and ideological goals of the artist. Because the mythical Chimera was composed of many parts -- often conflicting parts – it is emblematic of an imaginative and creative community.

We are all here because of our passion and dedication to the arts. As an artist it isn’t uncommon for us to think a little differently or a lot differently from others.— Chase Kumasaka (Animation)

As artists -- but more importantly as Chimeras -- we are challenged to discover new ways of thinking in order to make a positive effect in our lives. Through art, architecture, design, or writing, we strive to give voices to those who have none.

The Chimera also embodies each student’s desire to grow. It stands witness to each student’s limitless potential.

To be a Chimera is to be a congregation of creative forces capable of reaching a union between conflicting aspirations not only within themselves but within their community. — Scotty Whitney (Writing and Literature)

Who Should Become a Chimera?

Our students already make up a talented community -- one that shares a focus and determination. At CCA we learn how to transform our voices using metal, acrylic, paper, wood, or fabric to embrace our true identities as artists and makers.

If you have a personal life perspective that drives you to share it with others creatively, you might already be a Chimera.

[The] Chimera is the binding force between the student body, faculty, administration, and staff. We are surrounded by creative, courageous, and inventive individuals who take inspiration from each other to challenge the quality and meaning of our own work. — Mitchell Price (BArch)