The Office of Student Life provides free wellness classes for all CCA students, staff, and faculty. The current schedule will be posted on the Weekly Happenings Poster located near the front desk of the San Francisco campus and the cafe on the Oakland campus. For further questions, please email Grace Lee, Student Development Coordinator at

Yoga Classes

Feeling stressed? Yoga classes are gentle, restorative, therapeutic, meditative and informative. Students will feel refreshed, integrated (in body, mind, spirit), with a state of being in the present moment allowing for a high degree of concentration and creativity. Classes are open to all levels.

Instructor: Sharanjit Sandhu

Sharanjit Sandhu has been teaching yoga full time in the Bay Area for over 14 years and has taught at the CCA since 2000. She studied Iyengar Yoga at Piedmont Yoga's teacher training program in '97 and'98. In 2000, she studied Tantra Yoga in Rishikesh, India along with Kalarippayattu, (Indian martial arts), in Kerala, India.

As a young child Sharanjit also studied Bharatnatyam Indian classical dance and in 2000 began studies in Odissi (another style of Indian classical dance), which are considered yogic art forms along with the Kalarippayattu. she received her B.A. degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Art History from UC Davis in '92.

Capoeira Classes

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form created sometime after the sixteenth century by the Africans who were enslaved in Brazil. From it, came an entire culture encompassing self-defense, acrobatics, dance, music, history, and community. A famous mestre once said, "Capoeira is for men, women, and children," meaning anyone is capable of learning the art. Students will gain flexibility, strength, rhythm, coordination, stamina and self-esteem, as well as an understanding of the Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture. Increase your strength, agility and coordination while having fun!

Instructor: Professor Xango (Jamel Lindsay)

Professor Xango (Jamel Lindsay) began Capoeira on September 13, 1996 in Detroit, Michigan, where he fell in love with the art. Pursuing more intensive training, he moved to California in 1999, where Capoeira became his passion. He now teaches and trains under Mestre Chicote, a leading member of Cordao de Ouro, a prominent Capoeira group.

His talent and skill of the art form have earned him recognition within the entire Capoeira community, and has taken him to share his knowledge in France, Mexico, Guam, South Korea and throughout the United States.

Additional Workshops at CCA

There are a variety of workshops hosted on both campuses ranging from "Cafe Resume" hosted by Career Services to "How to Install Artwork" by Undergraduate Exhibitions.

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