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Learn about our community of alumni, parents, staff, faculty, and friends who support CCA students through donations of time, skills, shared networks, and monetary means.

It's more than giving when you get something back; it's investing. Support the cost of a young person's education and make the investment of a lifetime.

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Alumni William and Elizabeth Hathaway

William Hathaway (BFA Industrial Design 1966) and Elizabeth Hathaway (BA Applied Arts 1966)

For alumni and longtime CCA donors William and Elizabeth Hathaway, a desire to be part of the art and design worlds is what brought them to CCA, but their experiences on campus became the foundation of their 50+-year relationship that included a cross-country move, the raising of two children, and a green home construction project that took 13 years to complete.

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Harry Weisburd (Painting 1965, MFA 1966)

Alumnus Harry Weisburd

Harry Weisburd (Painting 1965, MFA 1966) stays engaged at CCA by supporting student scholarships and in his position as chair of his Half-Century Club reunion class.

Weisburd graduated from Parsons School of Design and worked for some years in fashion illustration in New York. Seeking new challenges and perspectives, he then made his way to the West Coast.

Inspired by California skies and Richard Diebenkorn paintings, Weisburd decided to pursue a BFA and eventually an MFA in Painting at CCA.

While at CCA, Weisburd became fascinated with experimental film and printmaking. CCA exposed him to a new world of art, including notable alumnus Robert Bechtle. He also has fond memories of advisors who guided him throughout his time at CCA and encouraged him to teach.

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Nigel Sussman

Alumnus Nigel Sussman

CCA’s 2016 Creative Collaboration artist Nigel Sussman (Illustration 2005), is making the world a more inclusive, vibrant, and engaging place, one mural at a time.

His public art turns rundown buildings and eyesores like construction sites into scenes of whimsy that depict people and places specific to that community.

Now that he’s made a business out of his passion, Sussman finds himself wanting to pay it forward and connect with future generations of artists and illustrators aspiring to follow in his footsteps.

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Michael and Tammy Borosky

Parents Tammy & Michael Borosky

Tammy and Michael Borosky are the parents of third-year undergraduate Weston Borosky.

After intersecting with CCA in a variety of ways since first moving to the Bay Area, the Boroskys fortified their investment in CCA and our students by creating an endowed scholarship in the name of Michael’s former employer and legendary Bay Area designer Michael Cronan, who passed in 2013.

Cronan studied at CCA and then taught at the college for almost 20 years. His sons, Nick and Shawn, are also accomplished CCA alumni.

We asked the Boroskys to tell us about their experiences with CCA and why they chose to create this scholarship.

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Rachel de la Torre (Industrial Design 2014)

Alumna Rachel de la Torre

“When I approach alumni about CCA," says Rachel de la Torre (Industrial Design 2014), "I tell them that by giving back, they’re also going to get something out of it -- by giving back in all those different ways, there’s always something new to learn.”

That sense of reciprocity -- a feeling that she is part of an ecosystem at CCA where she nurtures and continues to be nurtured -- is why de la Torre also decided to become a donor to CCA, as part of the 1907 Club.

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