Workshops are brief but in-depth engagements of a topic or issue lasting one to three weeks. Successful workshops:

  • Present an opportunity for interdisciplinary engagement with students from across the college
  • Address overarching questions designed by CCA faculty and the partner
  • Optimally occur during breaks in the academic calendar
  • Are planned 3-5 months prior to the start of the semester

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Faculty members in an Audi

Audi Innovation Research: Beyond Mobility

In an exploration of the future of the automobile, students from across the college teamed up with industry experts from Branch Creative, Speck Design, Pinterest, Yahoo! Labs, and Propelland to envision the next generation of cars and transportation networks.

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Student during presentation

Industrial Design Workshops

These workshops are a series of five-day events in collaboration with industry partners, which have included CamelBak, ChemiSense, Clorox, Pottery Barn, and Sennheiser.

Partners design and lead the workshops to best meet their needs. In previous workshops, Industrial Design students have prototyped products and investigated pressing topics and trends.