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Press release / July 14, 2021

CCA Wattis Institute presents new work by Maia Cruz Palileo

Maia Cruz Palileo presents a new exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by historic Philippiniana materials and the artist’s own memories.

Maia Cruz Palileo

Press release / July 13, 2021

CCA appoints Leigh Sata as vice president for Operations and Capital Projects

California College of the Arts President Stephen Beal announced Leigh Sata as vice president of Operations and Capital Projects, effective June 4, 2021.

Leigh Sata


Nathan Lynch & Oikonos receive $200k Wildlife Conservation Society grant for seabird habitat restoration

Ceramics chair Nathan Lynch has been working with Oikonos for over a decade to help restore at-risk seabird habitats with ceramic nesting modules.

A Rhinoceros Auklet chick.

Media coverage / June 30, 2021

KQED: Newest Wattis anthology invites readers to participate in radical listening

Writer Theadora Walsh says "Why are they so afraid of the lotus?" is an invitation to listen. "It’s an invitation to participate in a radical, engaged form of listening that takes on the labor of actively receiving others’ speech."

The Wattis Institute's book, "Why are they so afraid of the lotus?"

Media coverage / June 29, 2021

Wattis Institute receives spring 2021 Warhol Foundation grant

The Wattis was among 50 institutions across the country to receive a spring 2021 Warhol Foundation grant. The $120,000 grant will support the Wattis Institute's next two years of exhibition programming.

Wattis Institute logo in black lettering on white background

Media coverage / June 24, 2021

"No Straight Lines" hopes to give queer youth a role model

Directed by Vivian Kleiman and produced by MFA Comics Professor Justin Hall, "No Straight Lines"—a documentary highlighting the work of five comic artists from the 1970s and 1980s—premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and Frameline in 2021.

No Straight Lines

Press release / June 10, 2021

CCA announces Lorna Meyer Calas as the new chair of the Board of Trustees

California College of the Arts has elected Lorna Meyer Calas as chair of the CCA Board of Trustees, effective July 1, 2021, for an initial three-year term. Calas—managing director with Merrill Lynch's Private Wealth Management Group—has been a CCA trustee

Lorna Meyer Calas

Press release / June 10, 2021

The Wattis Institute receives $20,000 NEA Grant for the exhibition "Drum Listens to Heart"

The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts has been approved by the National Endowment for the Arts for a $20,000 award from the Grants for Arts Projects program to support its 2022 exhibition, Drum Listens to Heart, which explores “the percussive” as an

Entrance to CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts


Q&A: Raven Chacon

The Wattis Institute’s 2021 Capp Street Artist-in-Residence talks about teaching at CCA, the art of the score, and how the Bay Area is influencing his residency.

Raven Chacon


Alum spotlight: Digital media scholar Dorothy Santos

Dorothy Santos (MA Visual + Critical Studies 2014) discusses how CCA graduate studies prepared her for a PhD in Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz.

Dorothy Santos stands in the middle of a book shop with an archway above them, looking directly into the camera.

Media coverage / May 22, 2021

Keith Krumwiede on the new podcast "When Socrates was an Architect"

CCA Architecture Dean Keith Krumwiede discusses his approach to working with young architects, helping to cultivate their professional toolset to address new challenges and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Keith Krumwiede

Press release / May 20, 2021

CCA appoints Aaron Gensler and Carina Wong to Board of Trustees

California College of the Arts announces the appointments of Aaron Gensler and CCA alum Carina Wong (MBA Design Strategy 2019) to the Board of Trustees for an initial three-year term.

CCA trustees Carina Wong and Aaron Gensler


Silver Linings Series

An archive of projects, stories, events, and updates from our campus on the cloud.

Playa del Rey, CA, 5:30 pm PST, February 13, 2021. By Haley Caranto, admitted student.

Press release / May 19, 2021

Wattis Institute releases "Why are they so afraid of the lotus?"

Why are they so afraid of the lotus?—the second title in the Wattis Institute’s annual book series, A Series of Open Questions—is informed and inspired by the work of Trinh T. Minh-ha.



Legendary designer Sir Jony Ive’s advice for the 2021 graduating class

“My encouragement is to be committed and proactive in caring for that deep, creative part of yourself that is easily overlooked.”


Press release / May 18, 2021

Architecture Division announces a series of three pop-up architecture exhibitions

On view through July 10, 2021, at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, the three exhibitions explore Bay Area histories and futures, social justice and territorialization, and ecology and climate change.



In Memoriam: Arthur Gensler, 1935–2021

For 11 years as a trustee and four as board chair, Arthur Gensler (1935–2021) championed the role of art and design education as an engine for cultural and economic vitality.



Sustaining change

A growing community of Design students are leveraging their course assignments and thesis projects to express a sense of care and concern for the planet.

Eryn Bathke, Terra Cards.


Design pedagogy for collective work

The Design division explores three different educational opportunities at CCA that transcend individual learning through teamwork.

Assistant Professor Juan Carlos Rodriguez Rivera (center) teaches his Decolonization & Design course in 2019.

Press release / May 10, 2021

CCA celebrates its graduating students in Class of 2021 Showcase

The Class of 2021 Showcase features work from over 260 students across the Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, and Humanities and Sciences divisions.

A dark blue graphic that reads Class of 2021 Showcase with multicolored vertical stripes of different widths.