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CCA assistant professor on team awarded NSF grant

Negar Kalantar explores how relief cutting, or kerfing, can improve building materials’ adaptability to environmental threats.

Photo of Interior Design assistant professor Negar Kalantar and student in the Rapid Prototyping Studio.


Seven things to look for during your art school visits

Feeling the “vibe” of an art school, imagining yourself living, studying, and working there, is a crucial part of the campus visit. But there are a few more tangible things you should keep your eye out for, as well.


Life before and after CCA, with Individualized Studies alum Galen Boone

Galen Boone shares how the Individualized Studies curriculum formed her practice, which CCA faculty had the biggest impact, and what life has been like after graduation.

Galen Boone, THIRDSEX | The Mother. Parure portrait. 2018.

Press release / Aug. 22, 2019

CCA Hubbell Street Galleries presents Surfacing Histories Sculpting Memories

Surfacing Histories Sculpting Memories celebrates five women artists in the Bay Area and one will represent Northern California in Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020 at the National Museum of Women ...

Julia Goodman, Rag Sorters (1964), 2013. Pulped, discarded fabrics gleaned during residency at Recology SF

Media coverage / Aug. 21, 2019

The Float Lab, designed by architects and designers at CCA, aims to promote a healthy marine habitat through textural variation

Developed by one of CCA's architectural research labs, the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab is an "open invitation" for aquatic life and will anchor in Oakland's Middle Harbor (Shoreline Park) for three years.

Cross section of Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab.

Media coverage / Aug. 16, 2019

Architecture professor Neeraj Bhatia, co-director of CCA's Urban Works Agency, is the winner of the Prix de Rome

The Prix de Rome in Architecture, which includes $50,000 for work, travel, and a public presentation, has been awarded to CCA's Neeraj Bhatia, whose work intersects infrastructure, politics, and urbanism.

Neeraj Bhatia in his exhibtion "The Open Workshop: New Investigations in Collective Form" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.

Media coverage / Aug. 14, 2019

Art Papers interviews alum Diedrick Brackens on the occasion of his solo exhibition at the New Museum

Diedrick Brackens (MFA Fine Arts 2014), whose solo exhibition Darling Divined is at the New Museum in New York, speaks with Art Papers about black- and queer-identifying artists.

Portrait of Diedrick Brackens.

Media coverage / Aug. 13, 2019

Vincent Fecteau at the CCA Wattis makes the San Francisco Chronicle's list of 2019 must-see fall exhibitions

A long-time resident of the Bay Area, Vincent Fecteau has a solo exhibition at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. View the San Francisco Chronicle's write-up for more details.

Vincent Fecteau Untitled, 2018 papier mâché, resin clay, watercolor pencil, acrylic, felt sculpture.

Media coverage / Aug. 11, 2019

Individualized Studies alum Andrew Utt is the new executive director of Lux Art Institute in Encinitas

As the new executive director of the Lux Art Institute, alum Andrew Utt (BFA Individualized 2005), will work to make sure art remains a central part of San Diego's cultural landscape.

Andrew Utt, new executive director of Lux Art Institute in Encinitas.


Changing the way fashion designers think

CCA Fashion Design faculty, students, activists, and influencers leverage every skill they have to bring change to the injustice at the root of fashion production.

Students attending Remake trip Made in Mexico

Media coverage / Aug. 7, 2019

Alum Kalia Brooks Nelson selected for new visiting curator's initiative at Moore College of Art & Design

Kalia Brooks Nelson (MA Curatorial Practice 2006) joins two other curators for the Moore College of Art & Design's new Visiting Curators Initiative. They'll bring fresh curatorial perspectives to the Galleries at Moore.

Portrait of Kalia Brooks.

Media coverage / Aug. 7, 2019

Chair Aynne Valencia helps lead partnership between CCA interaction design students and swissnex San Francisco at Pier 17

Together with swissnex San Francisco, CCA interaction design students reinvent office furniture for a diverse set of rules, building prototypes for the Pier 17 space. View the video to learn more.

Student presenting their final project.


2019 IMPACT Award winners challenge climate change

Buoyant Ecologies and Rubber Impact Awareness & Action Project win grants from Center for Impact.

Artists rendering of the view from the top of the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab

Media coverage / Aug. 5, 2019

Alum Dionne Lee's solo exhibition at Interface Gallery named one of Artforum's Critics' Picks

Dionne Lee (MFA Fine Arts 2017), who works in collage, photography, and video, was selected as one of Artforum's Critics' Picks for her solo exhibition at Interface Gallery, Oakland.

Dionne Lee, Surface Tension, 2019, solarized gelatin silver print, 8 x 10".

Media coverage / July 30, 2019

Professor David Gissen's story highlights the rarely considered physical challenges of being an architect

David Gissen describes how his difficulty navigating construction sites in New York City, which weren't covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, influenced his education and career.

Girl in wheelchair in front of closed subway elevator.

Media coverage / July 30, 2019

Director Spike Jonez drew inspiration from a CCA alum's photograph for the 2013 movie "Her."

From Barry Jenkins's "Moonlight" to Spike Jonez's "Her," Artsy reveals six films that were inspired by famous photographs. CCA alum Todd Hido's (MFA Photography 1996) photograph inspired "Her," a sci-fi romance.

Todd Hido, Untitled #2653, 2000

Media coverage / July 29, 2019

San Francisco Chronicle interviews MArch alum Sarah Hobstetter about her certified women-owned local business

Owner of Hobstetter Architecture Studio, alum Sarah Hobstetter (MArch 2010) tells the San Francisco Chronicle about her style, aesthetic goals, and favorite projects in the Bay Area.

Alma Mater: Methods co-curated by architect and interior designer Sarah Hobstetter.

Media coverage / July 29, 2019

Printmaking alum plays Pablo Picasso at New Village Arts Theatre in San Diego

Printmaking alum plays Pablo Picasso at New Village Arts Theatre in San Diego

Herbert Siguenza in character as Pablo Picasso.

Media coverage / July 26, 2019

CCA's Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab will soon pioneer a new kind of resilient coastal infrastructure in the bay waters

A product of cross-disciplinary collaboration, the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab is set to launch in the San Francisco Bay in late summer 2019. The prototype will pioneer a new kind of resilient coastal infrastructure.

Underwater views of ecological substrate prototypes, with marine invertebrate habitats

Media coverage / July 25, 2019

Nathan Lynch, chair of Glass and Ceramics, among Bay Area artists who approach ceramics in new ways

Interviewed for the San Francisco Chronicle's Datebook, CCA's Nathan Lynch describes his affinity for clay. Viola Frey, CCA professor emerita and honorary doctorate recipieint, and Woody De Othello (MFA Fine Arts 2017) were also mentioned as gamechanging

Nathan Lynch’s “The Same Larry” (2019, shown here with Kari Marboe), is a handmade ceramic soaking tub that fits two.

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