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Media coverage / Sept. 7, 2022

The Wall Street Journal profiles CCA alum Hank Willis Thomas's commitment to "loving action"

With a major new exhibition, artist-activist Thomas continues to confront today's most divisive issues—violence, racism, polarization—in hopes of inspiring mutual understanding and positive solutions.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas at his Brooklyn studio.


Three reasons why San Francisco is the best city for art students

Why go to art school in San Francisco? Location matters. In San Francisco, art and industry are everywhere, and opportunities abound.

View of downtown San Francisco from Delores Park.


The European dispatch: Summer Study Abroad offers students a taste of European design and art

In four exciting Summer Study Abroad courses, CCA students explored cities across Europe to gain a deep sense of history and connect with a global community of artists and designers.

The well-preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia was built in the first century AD to transport water from 11 miles outside the city.


Graduate students in Interaction Design apply a systems lens to approach complex problems

In the Social Lab course, MDes Interaction Design students work with community partners and bring systems thinking to complex problems to create real change.

Black-and-white photo with overlaid graphics that say “Institute for the Future” as well as close-up shots of a human eye.


CCA’s Visionary Practice Scholarship provides full tuition support for students to realize their creative potential

The scholarship empowers students who bring diverse life experiences and bold ideas with a financial means to realize their creative ambitions by sharing their authentic selves

Three students work with art materials around a workbench.

Media coverage / Aug. 28, 2022

California College of the Arts named one of the nation's best colleges for student voting by Washington Monthly

With an ongoing commitment to democratic engagement and creative activism, CCA made the 2022 honor roll among universities "doing the most to turn students into citizens."

Students organize get out the vote campaigns through signs, stickers, and text messaging their friends during the U.S. Election Day..


Oakland campus legacy events celebrate CCA history

With official instruction at CCA’s Oakland campus ending in the spring of 2022, we honored the campus with events, exhibitions, and celebration.

A photo of a hand-drawn sign on a red carton that says, “Draw something for the Oakland campus!”


Creative Citizenship at CCA

Explore creative activism across the college.

A hand holds up newsprint that says “VOTE” to a window on CCA’s campus.

Media coverage / July 18, 2022

CCA graphic design students invigorate San Francisco BART stations with colorful designs

Through TBD*, CCA’s in-house student design studio, Hyunsoo Kang's and Walker Lambert's quintessentially San Francisco designs offer transit riders "a slice of joy and color" with an AR twist.

A large colorful box stands near the top of the escalator at the Market Street BART station.


A CCA alum helps picture a new ending for survivors

Artist and CCA alum Carmen Winant’s work illuminates the invisible experiences of women, as well as feminist strategies for survival, revolt, and self-determination in a new exhibition at The Print Center in Philadelphia.

A photo of a serene gallery with newspaper clippings filling the walls and a table with plants in the center.

Press release / June 16, 2022

The Wattis Institute presents: Drum Listens to Heart

Opening September 1, this 3-part exhibition with an accompanying performance series brings together contemporary artists and performers from around the world.

An installation view of Milford Graves' A Mind-Body Deal at the Institute for Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.


What does making look like now?

Discover how CCA students and faculty embraced the return to campus and got back to doing what they do best—building, making, and transforming—together.

A student gazes through a close-up view of an oval-shaped architectural model.


Four CCA Illustration students shine in national illustration competition

Undergraduate students in the CCA Illustration program reflect on their work and what it means to be recognized nationally by the Society of Illustrators.

An illustration of a small flock of sheep sitting in a boat with a woman at the bow smiling and rowing.

Press release / May 24, 2022

CCA Wattis Institute presents: Hervé Guibert: This and More

Curated by Wattis Institute Director Anthony Huberman, this exhibition at the Wattis Institute introduces a lesser-known body of work by the late French artist Hervé Guibert (1955–1991). On view …

1_Santa Caterina, 1988

Press release / May 20, 2022

CCA gala honoring community leader Roselyne C. Swig raises over $1.5 million for student scholarships.

CCA celebrates Swig’s impact on the Bay Area as arts champion, civic leader, and community advocate.

CCA President Stephen Beal, Gala honoree Roselyne C. Swig, CCA Trustee and Gala co-chair Stanlee Gatti, and CCA Trustee and Gala co-chair Kimberlee Swig at the CCA Gala Benefactors Party.


Using the MFA Degree as a Tool for Social Engagement and Social Justice

With an MFA degree in fine arts, you can change culture by developing a socially engaged art practice.

Two participants seated on pillows talk inside a tent made out of a shiny metallic fabric.


Sewing Connections: An alumnae women’s design collective and women from DMBA stitch together a night of fun.

The Women in Leadership team from DMBA and the feminist design collective GRL GRP host a special workshop called “Sewing Connections”

A close-up photo of a pair of hands pinching together shiny pink and orange fabrics.


CCA students explore protest using cardboard as their medium

In the First Year Core Studio program, students deepen their understanding of themselves and their craft.

A student wears a headdress resembling a dragon made out of cardboard.


The modern animator: director, storyteller, actor, and artist

Animators bring stories to life on screen. You can bring your unique story to life, and land your dream job, by learning the art and craft of animation.

Sculpted figurines resembling whimsical versions of medieval characters with one holding a dagger upside down.

Media coverage / April 20, 2022

CCA faculty Rita Bullwinkel honored with Whiting Award

From the selection committee: “The stories of Rita Bullwinkel glimmer like objects in a wunderkammer that shift their shapes when taken up in the hand...she sounds simply like herself and nobody else.”

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