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All of CCA’s lectures, symposiums, and workshops are free, offering opportunities for students and the public to engage with cultural topics and creative practices through the work and ideas of award-winning artists, designers, authors, scholars, and alumni.

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Explore how democracy, creative activism, and voter advocacy intersect through Creative Citizens in Action’s (CCA@CCA) annual series of public programs, which span the disciplines of art, design, architecture, and writing.

Enjoy curated new work by our community of students, faculty, staff, and visiting artists in our contemporary galleries. Exhibitions are open to all and always free.

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Recognitions / 认 • 知, a solo exhibition by Christine Wong Yap, at the new CCA Campus Gallery in Blattner Hall.

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Enjoy the future of art and design all year-long in CCA’s mix of campus galleries and presentation spaces. Visitors will find new work by students, faculty, staff, and visiting artists in curated venues that embrace diverse perspectives and a range of contemporary approaches. Offering our students the unique opportunity to present their work and expand their practice in a professional setting, the campus galleries are also a place for our community of makers and the public to connect across contemporary art and design. Plan a visit, today.

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CCA’s graduating student showcases, presented by class year, are digital time capsules of capstone projects and culminating work.

Celebrating the makers of 2024

Featuring work by graduating students, the 2024 Showcase represents the diversity of practice across CCA’s Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities & Sciences divisions. Navigate the full showcase experience on Portal, and check out the Deans' Spotlight collection of outstanding projects from each academic division.

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Creative Citizens in Action

The Creative Citizens in Action (CCA@CCA) initiative provides important resources to the CCA community to power dialogue and making related to creative activism. The connected programming explores art, democratic engagement, and current affairs through public events, exhibitions, grant opportunities, voting resources, and connections to the classroom.

CCA@CCA is overseen by the Exhibitions and Public Programming department in partnership with Student Affairs, as well as libraries, academic divisions, communications, and faculty.

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Rewind Review Respond

Rewind Review Respond (RRR) is an online forum where CCA students write about recent events and the ideas that affect their practice, communities, and fields of study. Through writing, videos, and interviews, RRR is an opportunity to debrief on a lecture, panel, screening, or roundtable and to dive deeper into ideas discussed.

RRR is organized by the Exhibitions and Public Programming department and led by a team of student editors, writers, and designers.

Exhibitions at CCA

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June 3, 2024

In a metropolis rife with liminal identities and experiences, NEBULA asked how spiritual creative expression plays a role in and across this liminality.

The concept originated as a space-making project to recognize the hybrid, yet whole, status of mixed-race artists. Simultaneously, it recognized the hybrid and whole body of emerging artists in the Bay Area. In concert, the works of NEBULA represent how spirituality and creativity can serve as a temporary container for otherwise liminal identities and experiences. NEBULA referenced a stellar nursery galaxy, emphasizing: (1) the experimental potential of hybridity/cross-cultural connection as a topic, (2) the cosmological aspect of some metaphysical traditions, and (3) the likening of emerging artists to new stars.

Participating artists included Amalee Beattie, Angel Ash, Chinda Stance, Chloe King, Grace Jin, Josie Livacoli, Lucile Henderson, Nibha Akireddy, Ruby Jay, and Suzanne Kathaleen Stroebe.

The exhibition was curated by Giorgie O’Keeffe DePaolis and Chloe King (MA Visual and Critical Studies).

This exhibition was part of the Spring 2024 PLAySPACE Program. PLAySPACE, the Paulette Long and Shepard Pollack Art Community Experiment, was founded in 2005 to provide the resources for student artists and curators to conceptualize and present exhibitions and events that are oriented towards the academic community.

More installation images are available in the CCA Exhibitions dept.'s photo archives. All photos are by Megan Kelly.

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May 28, 2024

"Where are we from, where are we going?" showcased artworks by three multimedia artists: Yishi Chen, Xinling Wang, and Mingrui Cao. As Asian female designers engaged in design practice in the Bay Area, they individually re-examine their identities at the intersections of culture and gender conflicts experienced firsthand. They address these issues through photography, game design, and 3D design. Their works aim not to provide definitive answers to these questions, but rather stem from personal emotions, offering a platform for empathy within the same community, sparking broader and more diverse reflections and discussions.

"Where are we from, where are we going?" was on view at PLAySPACE Gallery January 22–February 2, 2024.

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May 22, 2024

"Through these works, we aim to create a dialogue around humanity’s connection to the natural world. How are we as human beings affecting and interacting with the physical world around us? This exhibition explores both the ways our environment brings us joy and comfort and how our actions negatively impact our climate. These two central themes united as one through the collection of these works show how human’s relationship with nature does not operate on a good/bad binary, but instead is a convoluted gray area in which there is room for both celebration and grief."

"Nature: Holding Space for Celebration and Grief" was on view at PLAySPACE Gallery March 26–April 4, 2024. Participating artists included Nicolette Reinsmith, Gabriella Myres-Lipton, Malcolm Christie, Arwen Creswell, Aiden Paul, Laz Geddes, Robin Larisch, Nya Serano, and Michaela Sampas. The exhibition was organized by Nicolette Reinsmith (BFA Painting and Drawing).

More photos of this exhibition (and selected exhibitions dating back to 2015) are available in the CCA Exhibitions department's photo archives (link in bio).

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May 15, 2024

"Gissen expresses the importance of going beyond accessibility studies; we need to make architectural decisions from the perspective of impaired people. We don’t need to make better buildings, rather, we need to reinvent ourselves in the aim of making better architects."

Visit RRR Volume 8 via our linktree to read Evelynn Harra's review of a talk by former CCA faculty member David Gissen. Gissen’s presentation at CCA, "The Architecture of Disability," took place on February 22, 2024, and was based off of his most recent book, "The Architecture of Disability: Buildings, Cities and Landscapes Beyond Access" (University of Minnesota Press, 2023).

Evelynn Harra (MA Visual & Critical Studies 2024) has an interest in the visual culture of perception. Her research values the multiplicity of personal experience to deeper understand the visual art within our culture.

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