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Media coverage / Nov. 19, 2019

Flash Art reviews Vincent Fecteau's solo exhibition at the CCA Wattis Institute

Flash Art's Michele D'Aurizior reviews Vincent Fecteau's solo exhibition, which features seven new sculptures, at the CCA Wattis Institute. View the story for an installation view of the exhibition.

Flash Art reviews Vincent Fecteau's solo exhibition at the CCA Wattis Institute_Media Coverage_YZ

Media coverage / Nov. 19, 2019

Work by Curtis Arima, BFA Jewelry and Metal Arts faculty and co-chair, is featured in Metalsmith Tech

Made using a rolling mill, work by Curtis Arima is featured inside and on the cover of Metalsmith Tech, an international publication. Arima is an associate professor and co-chair of the BFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts program.

Work by Curtis Arima

Media coverage / Nov. 14, 2019

Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab wins a 2019 AIA Innovation Award for Holistic Design

The result of a multi-year, multi-discipinary partnership led by CCA's Architectural Ecologies research lab, the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab has won a 2019 Innovation Award for Holistic Design from the American Institute of Architects.
Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab by CCA Architectural Ecologies Lab

Media coverage / Nov. 13, 2019

Review of alum Hank Willis Thomas' 22-foot public sculpture in The New York Times

Learn about "Unity," a bronze arm near the exit from the Brooklyn Bridge. The 22-foot public sculpture is by CCA alum Hank Willis Thomas (MA Visual Criticism, MFA Photography 2003).

Review of alum Hank Willis Thomas' 22-foot public sculpture in The New York Times

Media coverage / Nov. 12, 2019

Alum and Texas-born artist Diedrick Brackens is featured in W Magazine

A feature profile of alum Diedrick Brackens (MFA in Fine Arts 2014) is in W Magazine. View the feature for images of Brackens' Los Angeles studio space and tapestries.
Alum and Texas-born artist Diedrick Brackens is featured in W Magazine_Media Coverage_YZ

Media coverage / Nov. 6, 2019

Colossal features the lavishly adorned work of Annie Evelyn, visiting professor for BFA Furniture

Colossal, an international platform for contemporary art and visual expression, features work by BFA in Furniture Visiting Professor Annie Evelyn. View the feature for photographs of Evelyn's vibrant work.
CCA Visiting Professor in the furniture Annie Evelyn in front of one of her designs.

Media coverage / Oct. 26, 2019

Internationally acclaimed architect Jeanne Gang leads four Bay Area projects, including CCA's campus expansion

Learn more about Jeanne Gang's current and upcoming architectural projects in the Bay Area, including CCA's campus expansion, which is scheduled to begin in spring 2020. A rendering of the expansion is also included in the article.
Portrait of Jeanne Gang

Media coverage / Oct. 21, 2019

Furniture alum Liz Dunning, who sources materials ethically and locally, is profiled by Alameda Magazine

Liz Dunning (BFA Wood/Furniture 2004) is an Alameda-based furniture designer who makes heirloom pieces from ethically and locally sourced materials. Learn about the CCA teachers who inspired her.

Portrait of Liz Dunning.

Media coverage / Oct. 11, 2019

Trent Davis Bailey, MFA Fine Arts, photographed Colorado inmates that staged performances of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's News" for nearby prisons.

Photograhing for the New York Times, Trent Davis Baily (MFA Fine Arts 2015) sheds light on how Colorado inmates took their production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" on the road.
Inmates of Sterling Correctional Facility rehearsing “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” before they performed the play at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

Media coverage / Sept. 30, 2019

View the award-winning Float Lab, the "first prototype of its kind," in its new Shoreline Park home

Newly moored in Oakland's Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, the Float Lab will serve as a research platform and demonstration project for the next three years. View photos of the harbor installation and explore the science behind its design.
CCA Float Lab prototype in the San Francisco Bay.

Media coverage / Sept. 26, 2019

KQED interview: Photography alum Marissa Leitman has a new series on view at the Tenderloin Museum

Marissa Leitman (BFA Photography 2017) disusses her Aunt Charlie's-inspired series with KQED. View her photographs of the iconic bar and drag community at the Tenderloin Museum through Nov. 3, 2019.
Gabby Camboa and Lauren Geiger at the final High Fantasy, the Tuesday night event at Aunt Charlie's in the the Tenderloin.

Media coverage / Sept. 25, 2019

MFA Painting & Drawing alum Alicia Escott is interviewed by The Wild, a weekly podcast hosted by Ayana Young

Co-founder of The Bureau of Linguistical Reality and a CCA alum (MFA Painting/Drawing 2009), Alicia Escott discusses why it's necessary to revitalize indigenous languages and "rewild" our vocabulary. Access the podcast interview on The Wild.
On Seeding New Language, an interview with co-founders of The Bureau of Linguistical Reality.

Media coverage / Sept. 25, 2019

KQED-FM features alum Arleene Correa Valencia and her portraits of Napa workers

Arleene Correa Valencia discusses growing up undocumented in Napa Valley and how that experience has influenced her work.
KQED features CCA alumna and current graduate student Arleen Correa Valencia and her newest body of work.

Media coverage / Sept. 13, 2019

The Territorial City Studio, a spring 2019 architecture class, is featured in the Seoul Biennale

Led by associate professor Neeraj Bhatia, The Territorial City: Edge of Megolopolis is featured in the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Learn more about this advanced studio course.
The Territorial City: Edge of the Megalopolis, a CCA Architecture class led by Neeraj Bhatia, was featured at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.

Media coverage / Sept. 13, 2019

California Home + Design profiles alum Gary Hutton and his four decades in the interior design field

Learn about alum Gary Hutton, a 1975 CCA graduate in Environmental Studies, who has spent his career working on myriad commercial and residental interior design projects throughout California.
Interior design for a home by alumnus Gary Hutton.

Media coverage / Sept. 12, 2019

Printmaking alum Ariel Roman is one of the talented women working behind the scenes in streetwear

Profiled with other "unsung heroes of streetwear," alum Ariel Roman (BFA Printmaking 2007) stays true to her aesthetic—including punk—as she illustrates and art directs for a range of clients.
Portrait of Ariel Roman, CCA alumna.

Media coverage / Sept. 9, 2019

Assistant professor Alison O'Daniel named one of 25 new faces in independent film

According to Filmmaker Magazine, CCA assistant professor Alison O'Daniel is one of 25 independent filmmakers to follow. Learn about O'Daniel's work, which engages the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.
Portrait of Alison O'Daniel.

Media coverage / Sept. 9, 2019

Associate professor Angela Hennessy is one of two Bay Area-based artists to receive a 2019 Artadia award

The New York-based nonprofit Artadia has awarded Angela Hennessy and one other Bay Area artist $10,000 in unrestricted funds. Hennessy teaches in the Textiles, Critical Studies, and Graduate Fine Arts programs.
Portrait of CCA faculty Angela Hennessy.

Media coverage / Sept. 5, 2019

Melissa Leventon, fashion historian and professor, discusses the rise of Bay Area "casual wear"

In a KQED article on the Bay Area's fashion roots, Melissa Leventon, fashion historian and senior adjunct at CCA, weighs in on the companies and trends that championed casual style.
KQED Bay Curious podcast interviews CCA faculty Melissa Leventon on casual fashion in the Bay Area.

Media coverage / Sept. 4, 2019

Vincent Fecteau, who has a show at CCA Wattis, invites The San Francisco Chronicle into his Balboa Park studio

On view at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (Sept. 5–Nov. 9, 2019), Vincet Fecteau's first show in over 15 years features seven new sculptural works.
Portrait of artist Vincent Fecteau working in his studio.

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