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Meet three CCA alumni who made it big

Each of our graduates has a story to tell about how their CCA experience — the expert instructors that mentored them, the boundary-defying projects they worked on, the industry-leading internships they secured — set them down the path to becoming who they

Three sets of golden and teal graduation tassels shine in the sun


How much do animators make?

If you're thinking about pursuing an animation degree, your employment prospects after college are excellent. But which animation jobs have the highest return on your tuition investment, and what type of work is out there?

Student drafting animation ideas


Meet Curatorial Practice curator-in-residence Maria Lind

Globally recognized curator Maria Lind helps CCA curatorial graduate students think more broadly about the field of curating.

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An interview with Wayne Thiebaud and Michael Krasny

Beloved painter and educator Wayne Thiebaud discusses his life’s work and his place in art history.

Guest of honor Wayne Thiebaud giving impromptu remarks at CCA People's Party on March 25, 2019.


The personal and professional value of an arts education

The starving artist: It’s the cliche that just won’t go away. Anyone who’s even toyed with the idea of pursuing a career in the arts has heard it—many, many times. Now fold in the notion of going to art school and you have a recipe for some serious skepti

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Two questions to ask about an art college's faculty

When evaluating an art college, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of their faculty. Ask admissions counselors these two critical questions to learn about faculty's industry connections and their approach to teaching.

Interior Design faculty member Bryan Sloan examining Interior Design students pin up.


Investigating big data with intel

A sponsored studio featuring IxD, ID, and MFA Design investigating the creation of new visual, form-based and spatial interfaces focused on storytelling, goal tracking and decision making.

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Architecture schools are designing material innovation

Architectural design is a collective experiment. Designing Material Innovation, an outdoor exhibition at California College of the Arts (CCA), hypothesizes a future with radically different notions of material, fabrication, and …



Push culture forward

After breaking up with his high school rock band, Shawn HibmaCronan says, he “found CCA and realized all I wanted to do was learn how to make things.”

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Interdisciplinary art: Learning from Wayne Thiebaud

Follow Wayne Thiebaud’s journey from commercial artist to prolific interdisciplinary artist and revered educator.

Wayne Thiebaud portrait


From scholarship recipient to community creative

Emeric Kennard was an active student before graduating from CCA in spring 2017. Studying Illustration and Writing was possible for this Oregon native thanks to CCA scholarships that helped offset …

Artwork by Emeric Kennard


Five of the highest-paying art majors

For prospective art students looking for an innovative field that can lead to gainful employment, we've compiled a list of five excellent majors to consider.



Intellectual cross-training in liberal arts: Interview with Dean Tina Takemoto

CCA’s dean of Humanities and Sciences discusses the practice of lifelong, interdisciplinary learning.



SFMOMA Visual Identity Has CCA Roots: Some Faces Behind the Rebrand

Learn about how graduate design alumna Jennifer Sonderby led a stellar team of designers—including several CCA alumni—in the visual rebranding of SFMOMA.

SFMOMA Design Studio team.


Graphic Design student Mark Buenafe wins the prestigious Bill Moggridge Award

Senior graphic designer wins $10,000 for “The Naturalization Process,” a project that explores the journey toward U.S. citizenship through interdependent print pieces.

Graphic Design student Mark Buenafe


Craft and content shine at the 2018 BFA Design thesis show

CCA’s Illustration, Industrial Design, and Graphic Design students address wide-ranging themes in culminating exhibition.

BFA Design Commencement Exhibition 2018


China research trip offers novel opportunities for DMBA students

The DMBA launches a new curricular area that bridges the gap between research and development and overseas production.



Changing careers to become an interaction designer

When Karen Chan decided to enter the MDes in IxD program at CCA in 2016, she was working as a public health consultant at the intersection of healthcare, policy, and technology. Now—just 2 short years later—she helps people build better relationships with

Karen Chan, MDes in Interaction Design alum


MFA in Design: Alumni Q+A with Shihan Zhang

We caught up with this talented CCA alum to ask why she decided to pursue her MFA, what it was like as an international student studying for a masters degree in the U.S., and a whole lot more.

Shihan Zhang (MFA Design, 2017)


10 skills every interaction designer should have

If you are considering entering the world of Interaction Design (IxD), there are some skills you’ll want to hone before applying to any graduate-level program—but they may not be the ones you think.

Image of Gregory Hurcomb installation in the nave 'These Marks'
Portrait of Brian Maxey.

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