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Media coverage / March 4, 2024

NBC Bay Area news features CCA's multi-year partnership with Greenville where students help rebuild for resilience

Architecture faculty members Janette Kim and Peter Anderson, along with students Melissa Gomes, Bennett Grisley, and Manthan Rasal share about their Greenville projects and vision to rebuild for resilience, longevity, and sustainability.

Architectural rendering of a four-way intersection with a wood-framed modernist structure in the center.

Media coverage / Feb. 22, 2024

A futuristic half-story-tall sculpture by CCA Architecture professors displayed in Mission Bay

Orbital by Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno, both professors of Architecture, represents an era of rapid change and uncertainty, while also inspiring curiosity and playful interaction.

A tall, highly reflective serpentine structure that bounces sunlight from its geometric, shiny, stainless-steel tiles.

Media coverage / Feb. 6, 2024

CCA alum decorates his walls with heirloom farm tools

Navin Norling (BFA Illustration 1995) adds texture to his white walls with his grandfather's heirloom farm tools, representing a piece of the Norling family history and identity.

Photo of Navin Norling in his studio.

Media coverage / Feb. 1, 2024

KQED reviews Rodrigo Hernández’s with what eyes? at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

Rodrigo Hernández’s show is a series of maze-like walls and enclosures with hand-hammered steel and sculptures, evoking the viewer to feel like they are just another animal in this dreamlike atmosphere.

Rodrigo Hernández, 'I would not think to touch the sky with two arms,' 2023 in 'with what eyes?' at the CCA Wattis Institute.

Media coverage / Jan. 18, 2024

CCA hosts a celebration party to welcome President David Howse

City leaders in the arts come together to welcome and celebrate President Howse at Villa Taverna in San Francisco. Nob Hill Gazette showcases some highlights and photos from the event.

Left to right: David Soward, David C. Howse, and Lorna Meyer Calas

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2023

CCA faculty Neeraj Bhatia challenges the radical in architecture

Neeraj Bhatia, associate professor of Architecture, explores what it means for architecture to be radical. He underlines the need for design to impact community, policy, and environment.

Neeraj Bhatia in the exhibition, "New Investigations in Collective Form."

Media coverage / Dec. 18, 2023

CCA alum honors the legacy of sculptor JB Blunk with 100 Hooks

Architecture alum Mariah Nielson celebrates her father's legacy with a series of exhibitions, starting with 100 Hooks. The show reflects the breadth, playfulness and surprise that defined Blunk's practice.

Some of the hooks in the exhibition on display at Blunk Space, in northern California

Media coverage / Dec. 16, 2023

Dezeen features 10 CCA architecture student projects

Dezeen spotlights CCA student projects ranging from digital submarine habitats for oysters and fish to a pavilion that can be used for yoga or meditation.

Oyster Shingle by Ahmad Alajmi, Claire Leffler, and Colin Murdock.

Media coverage / Dec. 11, 2023

PBS streams How to Have an American Baby by CCA Film faculty Leslie Tai

How to Have an American Baby is a voyage into Chinese tourists traveling to the US to give birth for citizenship. A hidden global economy emerges, depicting the fortunes and tragedies to people caught in its web.

Image from "How to Have an American Baby" documentary

Media coverage / Dec. 6, 2023

CCA student covers San Francisco street poles with 1,000 mysterious flyers

What's one thing you know to be true in this world? MFA student Cole Ryder gathers hundred of answers by posting flyers around the city encouraging people to call the New Earth Hotline.

Flyers for the New Earth Hotline.

Media coverage / Nov. 10, 2023

Artist profile on Nathan Lynch Chair of the Ceramics Program at CCA

Square Cylinder profiles CCA faculty Nathan Lynch, highlighting his arts background and upbringing, the evolution of his artistic expression, and the humor behind his sculptures.

Ceramic sculptor Nathan Lynch w/Speech Aboard the Iceberg, 2021, glazed ceramic, 44 x 28 x  284 inches.

Media coverage / Nov. 8, 2023

CCA listed as one of the five best colleges near Marin County, CA

According to, CCA is a premier art and design school that fosters a community of creative thinkers and innovators.

Exterior view of the front of CCA's main building.

Media coverage / Oct. 30, 2023

CCA alumni Arleene Correa Valencia's luminous art reflects the family strains of Mexican migration

Catherine Clark Gallery showcases Arleene Correa Valencia's (MFA Fine Arts 2020) exhibit, Naces Así, Naces Prieto. No Naces Blanco, inspired by letters exchanged with her father during their separation.

Arleene Correa Valencia, 'Papalotl: Sonadores En Busqueda de Amor Papalotl: Dreams In Search of Love,' 2022. Repurposed textiles on pink canvas.

Media coverage / Oct. 25, 2023

San Francisco Chronicle features CCA's new presidential announcement

San Francisco Chronicle introduces David C. Howse as CCA's new president, highlighting his arts background, future prospects, campus expansion, and more.

David C. Howse poses against a dark background wearing glasses and a suit.

Media coverage / Oct. 25, 2023

KQED highlights the successful track record of CCA's new president

KQED emphasizes David C. Howse’s past achievements like securing over $40 million in fundraising for Boston’s Emerson College and his personal background in music.

David C. Howse is the new president of California College of the Arts.

Media coverage / Oct. 25, 2023

Boston Globe announces Howse's leave from ArtsEmerson to his new position as CCA's president

Boston Globe highlights David C. Howse's successful tenure at Emerson College and his new position as president at CCA.

David C. Howse, executive director of ArtsEmerson and vice president of Emerson College’s Office of the Arts, is leaving the school to become president of the California College of the Arts.

Media coverage / Oct. 16, 2023

CCA Photography professor Marcel Pardo Ariza's exhibition Orquídeas becomes a trans sanctuary on 500 Capp Street

With the exhibition Orquídeas, Professor Marcel Pardo Ariza creates a sense of solidarity, community, and celebration in real time on Capp Street for trans and queer people.

Marcel Pardo Ariza's new show at 500 Capp Street includes an installation celebrating trans history and numerous community events.

Media coverage / Oct. 9, 2023

Juxtapoz highlights CCA Associate Professor of Film Alison O'Daniel and our upcoming campus expansion

Juxtapoz spotlights Associate Professor of Film Alison O'Daniel's The Tuba Thieves as well as CCA's upcoming campus expansion, with an enviable, open architecture, designed with flexible spaces.

A still from Alison O'Daniel's film, The Tuba Thieves.

Media coverage / Oct. 4, 2023

Review of Ana Jotta’s ‘Never the Less’ at the CCA Wattis Institute

Ana Jotta’s solo show at The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts features an eclectic ensemble of works from various points in her career.

Ana Jotta's black and white artwork

Media coverage / Sept. 6, 2023

Ana Jotta: Never the Less among 12 visual art shows not to be missed

Ana Jotta: Never the Less at the CCA Wattis is featured among 12 visual art shows for fall 2023 in the Bay Area.

Ana Jotta: Never the Less exhibition

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