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Media coverage / March 11, 2023

M. Arthur Gensler Jr. Center for Design Excellence will support CCA’s Architecture division

CCA will establish the M. Arthur Gensler Jr. Center for Design Excellence to support design excellence in architectural education, research, and practice with gifts from the architecture firm Gensler and the Gensler family.

Students gathered around a small, wooden architecture project in a classroom.

Media coverage / March 9, 2023

A closer look at the construction of CCA's expanded campus

Construction is underway for CCA's expansion in San Francisco. The facilities aim to be carbon neutral with net-zero energy once running, including a microgrid for the campus to harvest and store clean energy.

CCA Campus cast-in-place concrete sign visible while construction of building takes place in the background.

Media coverage / March 8, 2023

SECA artists at SFMOMA show the promising future of Bay Area art

The Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art has recognized CCA alumni Maria A. Guzmán Capron (MFA Fine Arts 2015) and Gregory Rick (BFA Painting & Drawing 2019) for their new and innovative work.

This photo is of five artists, four sitting around a museum's common area and one on a laptop Zoom call. They are discussing their projects.

Media coverage / March 6, 2023

A look back at CCA’s curatorial practice program

CCA is temporarily pausing it’s curatorial practice master’s program to explore opportunities related to campus expansion and it’s connection with the internationally-recognized Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Photo is of the exterior of a building at California College of the Arts' San Francisco Campus.

Media coverage / March 3, 2023

Drum Listens to Heart intuits the unheard rhythms of our lives

A three-part exhibition at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts draws on the ensemble form and musical score to deliver a vision of a cacophonous community.

Aa large deteriorating, abandoned church where Gone are the Days of Shelter and Martyr was filmed.

Media coverage / Feb. 27, 2023

Meet the Boulder cartoonist Will Betke-Brunswick

Will Betke-Brunswick (MFA Comics 2020) uses their illustrations to unpack topics like their mother's terminal cancer and coming out as genderqueer in their debut memoir, A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings.

Portrait of cartoonist Will Betke-Brunswick.

Media coverage / Feb. 24, 2023

Jackson Park designs to be considered by San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission

CCA's graphic design students, Meredith Bond and Afreed Azad developed a new logo and collateral materials for Friends of Jackson Park’s capital campaign in support of their park redesign.

Rendering of Jackson Park includes a baseball field, playground, tennis court, clubhouse and view of the surrounding streets and buildings.

Media coverage / Feb. 24, 2023

In the Shadow of Mt Tam exhibit at the Anthony Meier gallery in Mill Valley

The exhibit showcases a group of artists who lived in Marin County between the 1940s and 1970s. Mariah Nielson (BArch Architecture 2005), daughter of the late artist JB Blunk, was born and raised in Marin.

An out of focus photo of gallery owner Anthony Meier.

Media coverage / Feb. 22, 2023

How should fashion schools address sustainability?

CCA fashion design faculty Lynda Grose believes that a "bottom-up" or student-first perspective is at the foundation of effective teaching, and that might be a solution to engage with a challenging subject.

Fashion design student presenting their dress design to a colleague during a class.

Media coverage / Feb. 22, 2023

The documentary examining the history of LGBTQ+ comics

The new documentary No Straight Lines, co-produced by MFA Comics Chair Justin Hall, discusses the artists and the art of queer creators in the 1970s and '80s.

Cover art for No Straight Lines by Maurice Vellekoop (Fantagraphics, 2012).

Media coverage / Feb. 22, 2023

Art in the Twenty-First Century returns to PBS 

Hank Willis Thomas (MFA Photography, MA Visual Criticism 2003), Amy Sherald, and more star in the new season of Art21’s flagship video series.

An artist painting on a large canvas.

Media coverage / Feb. 16, 2023

CCA leads the charge with teaching inclusive design

Schools and teachers are thinking ahead when it comes to inclusive design; CCA is leading the charge by exploring the intersection of human experience and constructed environments in its Interaction Design (IxD) program.

A student and professor looking at an interactive design display together.

Media coverage / Feb. 15, 2023

New collections: Robert Bechtle Papers and Tom Wudl Papers

Two collections of California artists, Robert Bechtle (BFA Fine Arts 1954, MFA Fine Arts 1958) and Tom Wudl are now part of the Archives of American Art.

Painting of an open cardboard box in various shades of red, pink, and orange.

Media coverage / Feb. 5, 2023

CCA Professor Lauryn Menard on the future of greener hardware

Here’s how you can make hardware without ruining the planet. TL;DR: Weave sustainability into the product design as early as you can.

A pink and purple graphic drawing of a person working with a robot on design.

Media coverage / Jan. 25, 2023

CCA among Bay Area Hearst Foundation award recipients

The Hearst Foundations announced it would award nearly $1.4 million in grants to nine organizations across the Bay Area as part of the philanthropic organization’s effort to support nonprofits.

Front of CCA campus entrance with the name "California College of the Arts" displayed.

Media coverage / Dec. 20, 2022

CCA community featured in Minnesota Street Project show

An interdisciplinary exhibition featuring CCA graduates, faculty members, and MFA students.

Rocks in a circular pattern surround a post with multicolored flags.

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2022

Undergraduate Interior Design student receives 2022 Lighting Design Award

Celebrating lighting designers for their creativity and innovation, the LIT Lighting Design Awards recognizes CCA undergraduate Owen Fernando Patia (Interior Design) as Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year.

Photo of a large, digitally rendered gallery with figures draped in blue and green lighting.

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2022

CCA Architecture professor Neeraj Bhatia imagines a new kind of communal living

In this Q and A, Bhatia discusses their project "The Center Won't Hold: Decentering the Commune into Networks of Care" for the 2021 Chicago Architecture Biennial, The Available City.

A computer rendered illustration of a large transparent cube lined by thin columns with people posed in various scenes of daily life.

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2022

Five CCA Architecture faculty share proposals for an iconic, new landmark

Discussing their entries to the 2021 Urban Confluence competition, Architecture faculty explain the theory and practice behind their visions for an inspired new monument in San Jose.

Clark Thenhaus, Confluence Dome, View from Above.

Media coverage / Dec. 19, 2022

Navigating the workplace as a women or non-binary architect

Graduating CCA MArch students outline four pieces of important advice they learned from their Architecture faculty mentors on navigating gendered culture in the workplace.

A young woman in a black blazer gives a presentation over architectural diagrams.

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