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Four graduating Architecture and Interior Design students named among top 100 in North America

New Metropolis Future 100 list recognizes Conor Daly, Maria Antonieta Ramirez, Navya Sharad, and Valeriya Velyka among top grads.

Valeriya Velyka (BArch 2021), VR Volume, fall 2019.


Alum spotlight: Writer Julie Lythcott-Haims (MFA Writing 2016)

The bestselling author discusses her book Your Turn: How to Be an Adult and offers sage advice for writing—and adulting—through life’s inevitable growing pains.

Julie Lythcott-Haims stands in the doorway of a small wood-paneled writing studio decorated in quotes, bunting, and posters.


CCA is designated a Voter Friendly Campus

A group of students, faculty, and staff found creative ways to encourage our community to vote during an entirely remote semester.

A hand holds up newsprint that says “VOTE” to a window on CCA’s campus.


You got into art college. Now what?

From exploring current student work to learning about first-year programs, here’s our best advice on how to choose between colleges.

A person in a white shirt sits on a red convertible’s trunk, overlooking the horizon. The sun sets in the right-hand corner.


Monuments—Must Change continues CCA’s dialogue around community engagement and the roles and responsibilities of artists

The panel features artists Karyn Olivier and Jeffrey Gibson, whose work radically reconsiders notions of permanence and endurance in the public sphere.

Jeffrey Gibson, Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House, 2020. Socrates Sculpture Park.


Graduate alumni Diedrick Brackens and Lauren O’Connell discuss ark of the bulrushes

The exhibition at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art introduces new work by Diedrick Brackens (MFA Fine Arts 2014), curated by Lauren O’Connell (MA Curatorial Practice 2014).

Diedrick Brackens: blessed are the mosquitos, 2020, woven cotton and acrylic yarn, 82 by 79 inches. Courtesy Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, and Various Small Fires, Los Angeles.


Ceramics tools help today’s makers push their discipline in inventive new directions

While some ceramics tools are ancient, others are waiting in unexpected places—like your kitchen cabinet. Three makers share their favorite tools.



Faculty spotlight: Grammy nominee Rob Epstein

At the 2021 awards, Professor Epstein’s documentary Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice competes for Best Music Film. We quizzed him on the legendary Linda, his favorite sounds, and more.

Movie poster for the film Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, with the musician standing at the microphone with her head turned.


Why live on campus in a residence hall?

If you’re debating whether dorm life is right for you, here are three reasons why living on campus could enhance your art and design college experience.

Students mingle outside in the courtyard of Founders Hall, a white building with red gridwork.


Alum spotlight: Director Shane T Watson

“CCA allowed me to be open about myself and to become a better writer,” says the former Student Oscar nominee. Here’s what he’s working on now, his advice for CCA students, and more.

Three men stand side-by-side smiling at another camera out of view. Shane Watson is in the middle with his arms wrapped around their shoulders.


CCA Pre-College helps young makers find a home

At CCA, Crystal Morey (BFA Ceramics 2006), Claire Taggart​ (BFA Painting/Drawing 2006), and Shannon Danielle Taylor (BFA Illustration 2006) forged practices and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Crystal Morey, Claire Taggart​, and Shannon Danielle Taylor smile and look toward the viewer in front of a pale gray brick wall. Morey is wearing a leopard print shirt. Taggart is wearing black. Taylor is wearing a blue button-up with floral embroidery.


Alum spotlight: Choreographer and filmmaker Kat Cole

Kat Cole (MFA Film 2017) spun a background in dance, film, and arts administration into a dynamic practice that spans music videos to film festivals.

Two people, Jeremiah Ysip and Kat Cole, stand on a sidewalk discussing a scene happening out of view. Jeremiah is holding a camera.


How far we have to go to dismantle systemic racism and anti-Blackness in our schools and communities

Fighting white supremacy and sharing our values is part of CCA’s tradition of radical pedagogy.

A hummingbird sitting on a branch.


Alum spotlight: Reimagining health care with social impact designer Megan Moyer

Megan Moyer (MBA Design Strategy 2015) uses DMBA frameworks to help reimagine care in the 21st century and humanize a highly regulated industry.

A headshot of Megan Moyer smiling into the camera.


Four reasons to choose an art and design college on the West Coast

Here are four reasons why studying in the San Francisco Bay Area in California can be beneficial for your future.


Building a community for makers from the (virtual) ground up

CCA studio managers Cassie Kise and Tianna Mackey created Maker’s Commons, a virtual space for the CCA community to connect during the COVID–19 pandemic.

CCA Maker’s Commons logo with white and teal words in front of a blurry photograph of a person welding in a studio.


Alum spotlight: Designer and educator Kristine Yuen

Kristine Yuen (MDes Interaction Design 2016) reflects on her user-centric design approach and motivation to mentor aspiring young designers.

Kristine Yuen presenting at SF Design Week 2019.


The 2020–2021 Design Lecture Series

Saraleah Fordyce reflects on the key takeaways from fall 2020 lectures and gives a preview of the guests to look forward to this spring

Adeola Enigbokan, Audrey Liu, Jomo Tariku, and Beth Esponnette


Two new diversity scholarships will further open access to arts and design education and practice

Support the Sandra Vivanco Diversity Scholarship and Diversity in Design Scholarship. Your gift will open doors to arts education for Black and Indigenous students, students of color, and LGBTQ students.

Portrait of the late Sandra Vivanco flanked by two students.


Interrogating boundaries: hybrid practices in MFA Design

Five examples of how collaborative, multidisciplinary design can unlock new possibilities in unlikely places.

IF/THEN, San Pablo Avenue Ramble, 2019