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Student spotlight: Jade Howe lets out her inner child

In this Q+A, Jade Howe looks back on her college career, from making purposeful art for kids to how much she loves San Francisco.

An illustration of a gigantic yet cuddly orange cat surrounded by people giving it pets.


The Daring Writer: How Jasmin Darznik Lives Her Characters

Chair of MFA Writing Jasmin Darznik charts a bold literary career, from her family’s immigrant story to the American Jazz age.

Portrait of Jasmin Darznik, Chair of MFA Writing.


Preview the work of this year’s recipients of the Bay Area Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

CCA is proud to recognize creative high school students whose work shows their authentic voice, originality, and technical skill in these prestigious awards.



Honoring Black History Month at CCA

Throughout the month of February and beyond we reflect upon and celebrate critical work by Black artists, designers, scholars, and architects.

A photo of an open pop-up book with black silhouetted figures appearing to be laboring.


CCA faculty Steve Jones and Martin Venezky receive AIGA SF Continuum Fellow awards

AIGA, the professional association for design, focuses on design as a profession and as a cultural asset that serves practitioners across design disciplines, as well as teachers and students with national and local chapters.

A photo of 6 people in formal to business casual dress posing in front of an elegant backdrop.


Tracing Sustainable Cotton in California’s San Joaquin Valley

The Sustainable Cotton Project introduces CCA Fashion Design students to cotton growers, Cleaner Cotton, and regenerative growing practices.

A closeup photo of a dried pima cotton plant showing the silky texture of cotton.


Designing the future of everything

In three fall 2022 sponsored studios, students envisioned designs to support future human needs in partnerships with Samsung, Lenovo, and Google.

A panoramic view of a studio with a few dozen students working in groups at various workbenches


CCA Pre-College students recall their dreamy summer in photos

Young creative thinkers and makers take a sneak peak at art school life, build their portfolios, and earn college credits.

A grainy photo of four teen students smiling under their masks, while one takes a photo, on a city bus.


CCA Ceramics puts a new spin on tradition

Students, faculty, alums, and staff got a feel for the new Ceramics studio at the 32nd annual Blindfolded Throwing Contest.

A person sits at a ceramics wheel, molding clay while blindfolded.


A new student club fosters connection among first-gen college students

In CCA’s second year celebrating the national First-Generation College Celebration, a new student organization reminds students they are one among many.

A photo of a sign which reads “First Gen CCA 1” surrounded by confetti and teal balloons.


CCA course sponsored by Google focuses on the future

Discover how students from across CCA’s Design programs speculated on the future in the industry-sponsored course Studio Forward.

A photo of a group of students forming a semi-circle with two students holding onto each other with one hand.


CCA alumni captivate a local city with new public art and a bold message

Alumni Joey Rose and Alexandra Underwood bring the international Sea Walls mural festival to Emeryville, promoting environmental conservation through art.

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya’s mural adorns a wall on Emery High School.


Student Spotlight: How Ingrid Henderson’s thesis project stole the show

Graduate student Ingrid Henderson talks about how her thesis project went viral on TikTok, reached performer Billie Eilish, and how it all happened.

A portrait of the graduate student artist Ingrid Henderson smiling in the MFA Graduate Studios.


Back-to-school spirit on a unified campus

CCA students returning to campus for the fall 2022 semester were met with a dynamic mix of welcome-back events, programs, and get-togethers.

CCA_360 camera_FA22-7_JL


Three reasons why San Francisco is the best city for art students

Why go to art school in San Francisco? Location matters. In San Francisco, art and industry are everywhere, and opportunities abound.

View of downtown San Francisco from Delores Park.


The European dispatch: Summer Study Abroad offers students a taste of European design and art

In four exciting Summer Study Abroad courses, CCA students explored cities across Europe to gain a deep sense of history and connect with a global community of artists and designers.

The well-preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia was built in the first century AD to transport water from 11 miles outside the city.


Graduate students in Interaction Design apply a systems lens to approach complex problems

In the Social Lab course, MDes Interaction Design students work with community partners and bring systems thinking to complex problems to create real change.

Black-and-white photo with overlaid graphics that say “Institute for the Future” as well as close-up shots of a human eye.


CCA’s Visionary Practice Scholarship provides full tuition support for students to realize their creative potential

The scholarship empowers students who bring diverse life experiences and bold ideas with a financial means to realize their creative ambitions by sharing their authentic selves

Three students work with art materials around a workbench.


Oakland campus legacy events celebrate CCA history

With official instruction at CCA’s Oakland campus ending in the spring of 2022, we honored the campus with events, exhibitions, and celebration.

A photo of a hand-drawn sign on a red carton that says, “Draw something for the Oakland campus!”


Creative Citizenship at CCA

Explore creative activism across the college.

A hand holds up newsprint that says “VOTE” to a window on CCA’s campus.

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