Alumni show the love

Four esteemed graduates of the college—artists, industry leaders, and designers in their own right—share why they stay involved with our community and continue to give back to CCA.

We’re always glad when alumni choose to stay connected once they’ve left CCA to make their mark on the world.

Alumni play a crucial role in the growth and success of the college in so many ways. Whether it’s financial contributions and donations, mentorship and networking, volunteering, teaching, or even advocacy and promotion, alumni engagement is so vital to what we do.

Here, we’ve spotlighted four outstanding alumni who continue to strengthen their connections to CCA by contributing to the community.

Larissa Erin Greer (MFA Painting and Drawing 2012), professor and mentor

“I love supporting and learning from our incredible students as they work on groundbreaking new ideas.”

— Larissa Erin Greer

(MFA Painting and Drawing 2012)

Portrait of Larissa Erin Greer.

Larissa Erin Greer

Artist, writer, and creative director of Hologram Studio Larissa Erin Greer is proud to share her expertise with current students of the college. As an alumni student mentor for more than six years, she supports interdisciplinary undergraduate students in finding their voice. Greer is in her second year of teaching Interaction Design (IXD) Professional Practice, also coordinating the IXD Junior Review this semester with her teaching partner, Jess Wen.

“I love supporting and learning from our incredible students as they work on groundbreaking new ideas,” said Greer. “Investing my time and energy back into the CCA community has a multiplying effect; I feel the impacts are always greater than the input.”

Greer says that she enjoys being a part of a community where creativity, innovation, sustainability, and social practices are integrated so thoughtfully into everyday artistic practice. And the best part, she says, is that there are so many ways to be involved, from mentoring and portfolio reviews, job fairs and panel discussions, curating shows or hosting studio tours, and more.

“It’s always a lot of fun, and it really does recharge your artistic energy,” adds Greer. “The connections I have made with students, staff, and faculty at CCA are unlike any other—we share the same vision for a bold, beautiful, equitable future, and support each other wholeheartedly in doing the work to bring this vision to life.”

Lawrence Azerrad (BFA Graphic Design 1995), collaborator, donor, and ambassador

“I always lead with my enthusiasm for what CCA has become.”

— Lawrence Azerrad

(BFA Graphic Design 1995)

Portrait of Lawrence Azzerad.

Lawrence Azerrad

Two-time Grammy Award-winning creative director, author, and curator Lawrence Azerrad runs his own studio, Macroscopic, yet he still manages to find time to give back to CCA in a myriad of ways. As an advocate for the college, he frequently recommends CCA to colleagues and friends looking to partner with a hub for innovation.

“I always lead with my enthusiasm for what CCA has become,” says Azerrad. “The thriving creative community and the type of learning it fosters make it easy to advocate for CCA from the heart.”

In recent collaborations, Azerrad has built the unique program, Designing the Future of Music, alongside Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent, Associate Professor of Graphic Design Rachel Berger, and Assistant Chair of Graphic Design Sara Dean. As a creative director in the music industry, Azerrad recognized opportunities for design innovation to help foster stronger connections between music and culture.

“CCA has been gracious and encouraging in welcoming the challenge of the program, workshopping it with me, and providing space in the curriculum for students to discover and invent in the area. Ultimately, the program transformed how I view possibility in design today and approach it in my own work, making CCA a place that I still learn from, which is a pretty nice benefit to continue to receive from a school that I graduated from decades ago,” says Azerrad.

As the design profession evolves, Azerrad continues to look to the college community at CCA for inspiration and learning. He credits CCA for consistently redefining what it means to be a responsible and meaningful creative in the world today.

“I try my best to give back, not just in co-creating programs with the school but also by simply being a good professional, and as a result, being a good ambassador for CCA. My wife and I also give what we can to the capital campaigns, but supporting CCA can take several forms, all of which are rewarding.”

For Azerrad, giving to CCA isn’t a one-way gift. The continued relationship with the school has helped shape who he is as a designer today; he has even been invited back to speak at the design lecture series about his book, Supersonic: The Design and Lifestyle of Concorde.

“It’s been a professional point of pride to be able to reference the classes, lectures, and other events produced in collaboration with CCA,” said Azerrad when asked why the CCA community is so special. “The people. The creative excellence. The way that CCA has grown not just in scale and facilities, but has been a leader in redefining the role of design for good in our society and that it consistently pushes the boundaries of learning, experimentation, and equity in creativity.”

Liz Hernandez (BFA Industrial Design 2015), guest speaker

“I've noticed that students find it very valuable when you share your story with them because, often, they don't know exactly what will happen after graduation. When we can share our paths with them, they begin to realize the many possible avenues available, and graduating isn't as scary anymore.”

— Liz Hernandez

(BFA Industrial Design 2015)

Portrait of Liz Hernandez hand stitching using an embroidery hoop.

Liz Hernandez

As an active member of the Bay Area artist community, alum Liz Hernandez continues to stay connected with CCA through student engagement. In 2023, she was invited to be a guest presenter for a Painting and Drawing BFA dialogue, and most recently, she shared her background and her “unusual career path” with First Year Program students.

“I've noticed that students find it very valuable when you share your story with them because, often, they don't know exactly what will happen after graduation. When we can share our paths with them, they begin to realize the many possible avenues available, and graduating isn't as scary anymore. You can answer their questions and sometimes give advice; they listen to us because we've been in their position and can empathize,” says Hernandez.

As an international student from Mexico, Hernandez was able to meet people from across the country as well as from other countries during her time at the college, which made her experience here very special.

I was able to meet people who were also far away from home. We bonded over this a lot. CCA was very supportive of the international student community! I always valued how diverse points of view came together during classes,” says Hernandez.

Larry Peifer (BFA Interior Design 2012), guest critic, donor, and committee member

“CCA is a hotbed of innovation and creativity that is always a step ahead. The institution grapples with and tackles complex issues by embracing change, new ideas, and diverse voices”

— Larry Peifer

(BFA Interior Design 2012)

Portrait of Larry Peifer.

Larry Peifer

After graduating from CCA in 2012, Larry Peifer continues to stay involved with the college as much as possible. He frequently attends interior design reviews as a guest critic and has joined the Alumni Campus Planning Committee to help with the strategy around CCA’s expanding campus, opening in fall 2024.

Peifer now calls New York City home, but he continues to make time to attend meetings remotely. Many CCA alums in NYC connect through alumni events as well, he says. He also donates to both the Hank Dunlop and David Meckel scholarships, two individuals who Peifer continues to see as “instrumental mentors” to this day.

“I had such a wonderful experience at CCA, and the college has done so much for me,” says Peifer. “Staying connected is my way of giving back. Education does not end when you receive your degree. It is lifelong. Maintaining and continuing CCA's creative vibrance is very important to me and staying involved and supporting the college is how you do that after you graduate.”

For Peifer, giving back doesn’t just feel good—it also supports his professional success as he remains connected to CCA’s tight-knit community of creatives.

“CCA is a hotbed of innovation and creativity that is always a step ahead. The institution grapples with and tackles complex issues by embracing change, new ideas, and diverse voices. There have been so many times throughout my career where my connection to CCA has opened new pathways to opportunities, people, and perspectives.”

We have so much gratitude for the many alumni giving back to CCA. Thank you to all of the alumni volunteers who contributed to CCA this past year.

  • Erik Adigard
    BFA Graphic Design 1987
  • Noah Ahrens
    BFA Interaction Design 2023
  • Rafi Ajl
    MFA Design 2015
  • Emilie Alongi
    BArch Architecture 2013
  • Ronald Alunan
    BFA Interaction Design 2021
  • Sam Anderson
    BFA Interaction Design 2019
  • Omar Ansari
    BFA Interaction Design 2020
  • Curtis Arima
    BFA Individualized 1998
  • Lawrence Azerrad
    BFA Graphic Design 1995
  • Annika Bastacky
    MFA Design 2020
  • Sarah Bird
    MFA Fine Arts 1994
  • Joseph Bryant
    BArch Architecture 1999
  • Dane Bunton
    MArch Architecture 2013
  • Anita Chorida
    MBA Design Strategy 2021
  • Kyung Chyun
    BFA Graphic Design 2015
  • Paola Coimbra
    BFA Printmaking 2018
  • Tom Comitta
    MFA Writing 2011
  • Sofia Cordova
    MFA Photography 2010
  • Lucas Cornejo
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Wally Corona
    BFA Painting and Drawing 2023
  • Abigayle Cosinuke
    MFA Design 2021
  • Julian Crespo
    BFA Interaction Design 2019
  • Keith Criss
    Painting and Drawing 1977
  • Naz Cuguoglu
    MA Curatorial Practice 2020
  • Daniel Dallabrida
    MFA Ceramics 2011
  • Lauren Davis
    MFA Comics 2018
  • Kayleen Dejesus
    BFA Textiles 2017
  • Yangyifan Dong
    MFA Design 2019
  • Madhumita Elan
    BFA Interaction Design 2023
  • William Felker
    BFA Interaction Design 2016
  • Aaron Gach
    MFA Film 2002
  • David Gill
    BArch Architecture 1992
  • Pete Glanting
    MFA Comics 2016
  • Saina Gorgani
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Dom Granato
    MFA Design 2021
  • Alexandra Grant
    MFA Fine Arts 2000
  • Joe Perez Green
    MArch Architecture 2010
  • Larissa Greer
    MFA Painting 2011
  • Adolfo Cendejas Guerrero
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Annie Gullingsrud
    BFA Fashion Design 2012
  • Stef Halmos
    MFA Fine Arts 2012
  • Jennifer Hennesy
    BFA Individualized Studies 2011
  • Liz Hernández
    BFA Industrial Design 2015
  • Shawn HibmaCronan
    BFA Sculpture, BFA Furniture 2009
  • Todd Hido
    MFA Fine Arts 1996
  • Elizabeth Hohimer
    BFA Textiles 2016
  • Jade Howe
    BFA Illustration 2023
  • Ted (Zihang) Huang
    BFA Interaction Design 2021
  • Ashlyn Jackson
    MFA Design 2021
  • Kushaal Jhaveri
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Steve Jones
    BFA Graphic Design 1992
  • Weichung (Jonathan) Joong
    BArch Architecture 2016
  • Alka Joshi
    MFA Writing 2011
  • Asia Kang
    BFA Illustration 2018
  • Vernon Keeve III
    MFA Writing 2015
  • Logan Kelley
    MArch Architecture 2014
  • Jinny Kho
    BFA Interior Design 2010, MBA Design Strategy 2023
  • Leila Khosrovi
    MArch Architecture 2014
  • Casse Kihúut
    BFA Film 2021
  • Maia Kobabe
    MFA Comics 2016
  • Shawn Komlos
    MArch Architecture 2014
  • Anesta Kothari
    BArch Architecture 2013
  • Alexander Kozachek
    MFA Design 2019
  • Tom Krulevitch
    MArch Architecture 2020
  • Lina Kudinar
    MArch Architecture 2021
  • Lamont Lamar
    BFA Film 2020
  • Nick Lamkin
    MFA Design 2022
  • Charles Lee
    MFA Fine Arts 2023
  • Tracy Leeds
    MFA Design 2023
  • Cara Levine
    MFA Sculpture 2012
  • Ted Levine
    BFA Photography 2011
  • Aaron Levine
    MFA Design 2017
  • Tara Lin
    BFA Interaction Design 2020
  • Amanda Liu
    BFA Interaction Design 2022
  • Anbin Liu
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Chloe Looker
    MFA Design 2021
  • Rolando Andre Lopez
    MFA Writing 2023
  • Cesar Lopez
    MArch Architecture 2013
  • Saleem M'Boge
    MFA Design 2023
  • David Maisel
    MFA Photography 2006
  • Anthony Marschak
    BFA Woodworking/Furniture Design 2003
  • Chris McCall
    MFA Fine Arts 2003
  • Donna Mena
    Master of Advanced Architectural Design 2020
  • Steven Miller
    BFA Interior Architecture 1992
  • Carl Edward Mongan
    BFA Animation 2020
  • K.r.m. Mooney
    BFA Jewelry and Metal Arts 2012
  • Nastaran Mousavi
    MArch Architecture 2013
  • Michael Muscardini
    BFA Printmaking 1972
  • Judit Navratil
    MFA Fine Arts 2019
  • Kristin Neidlinger
    MFA Design 2010
  • Anh Nguyen
    BFA Industrial Design 2009
  • Hoang Nguyen
    BFA Industrial Design 2009
  • Jamie Nguyen
    BFA Interior Design 2020
  • Mariah Nielson
    BArch Architecture 2005
  • Eva O'Leary
    BFA Photography 2012
  • Stefanie Oehm
    BFA Interior Design 2018
  • Laura Ogle
    MBA Design Strategy 2021
  • Stefanie Ohem
    BFA Interior Design 2018
  • Dean Orr
    BArch Architecture 1997
  • Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa
    MA Visual and Critical Studies 2012
  • Ahndraya Parlato
    BFA Photography 2005
  • Larry Peifer
    BFA Interior Design 2012
  • Tyler Pew
    MArch Architecture 2012
  • Minnie Phan
    BFA Illustration 2014
  • Meg Quarton
    BFA Graphic Design 2009, MFA Design 2021
  • Lionel Ramazzini
    BFA Industrial Design 2015
  • Olivia Ramos
    MArch Architecture 2018
  • Atharva Raut
    MFA Design 2023
  • Sierra Reading
    BFA Textiles 2012
  • Laurie Reid
    MFA Fine Arts 1996
  • Tracy Ren
    BFA Ceramics 2018
  • Luke Rolka
    MBA Design Strategy 2023
  • Andrew Roque
    MFA Design 2023
  • Zachary Royer Scholz
    MA Visual Criticism and MFA Fine Arts 2009
  • Chelsea Ryoko Wong
    BFA Printmaking 2010
  • Amrit Sagar
    BFA Film 2000
  • Ki Schmidt
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Sara Schneider
    BFA Graphic Design 1998
  • Morgan Shoji
    BFA Graphic Design 2017
  • Ardy Sobhani
    MBA Design Strategy 2012
  • Dior J. Stephens
    MFA Writing 2021
  • Aaron Stevents
    BFA Interaction Design 2015
  • Margi Sullivan
    BFA Interior Design 1973
  • Troy Taylor
    MFA Design 2021
  • Lava Thomas
    BFA Ceramics 1999
  • Rebecca Velasquez
    MArch 2023
  • Titan Vicencio
    MFA Design 2023
  • Lulu Wang
    MArch Architecture 2023
  • Jay Ward
    BFA Illustration 1993
  • Alyssa Warnock
    BFA Graphic Design 2001
  • Rosalie Wild
    BFA Industrial Design 2012
  • Anne Wolf
    MFA Painting and Drawing 1991
  • Annie Wong
    BFA Individualized 2005
  • Christine Wong Yap
    BFA Printmaking 1998, MFA Printmaking 2007
  • Cate Wan Yan
    MArch Architecture 2021
  • Shihan Zhang
    MFA Design 2017
  • Weisheng Zhong
    MArch Architecture 2023