Float Lab by Buoyant Ecologies; photo: Maggie Beasley.

Exhibition Designing Material Innovation opens on CCA's back lot

Outdoor show features five original site-specific architecture structure and pavilions using material and form in ways that have rarely been seen before.

San Francisco, CA—September 28, 2017—An outdoor exhibition featuring five original and site-specific architecture structures and pavilions opened in the sprawling Back Lot of the California College of the Arts (CCA) on September 28, 2017. Each work uses material and form in ways that have rarely been seen before, from concrete that has been transformed into thin, screen-like walls to a 2000-pound sculpture that can be moved with ease. The result of extensive research and collaboration between architects and partners—including industry leaders such as CEMEX as well as engineers, students, chemists, biologists, farmers, and more—Designing Material Innovation is co-presented by CCA and the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (Taubman College). It is curated by Jonathan Massey, current dean of the Taubman College and recent dean of architecture at CCA.

“Designing Material Innovation shows how designers and industry leaders partner to achieve great things, whether that is making concrete structures light and delicate, promoting ecological diversity, or repurposing waste,” said curator Jonathan Massey, dean of the Taubman College and former dean of architecture at CCA. “The prototypes displayed on the Back Lot show how students and faculty at CCA and Michigan are among the field leaders breaking new ground at the intersection of formal and material research.”