Colter Jacobsen,Waterfall mask (detail), 2000

Graduate students in Curatorial Practice curate exhibition at CCA Wattis Institute

Exhibition draws new narrative between eight artists living and working in San Francisco from 2000-2008.

San Francisco, CA—February 15, 2018—Students in CCA's Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice are curating an exciting new exhibition opening at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art on March 15, 2018.

The show, titled Artwork for Bedrooms, draws a new narrative between artists living and working in San Francisco during the years 2000–2008: Tauba Auerbach, Sarah Cain, Ajit Chauhan, Veronica DeJesus, Colter Jacobsen, Sahar Khoury, Alicia McCarthy, and Will Rogan.

The period, until now, has been framed by the Mission School, an art movement in which artists were known for sprawling, colorful assemblages that took inspiration from graffiti culture. Artwork for Bedrooms instead draws a new and parallel narrative from the same moment of young artists who were similarly invested in “poor” materials, but who put them to work in more abstract, fragile, or conceptual ways.

On view through May 12, 2018, the exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue featuring exhibited works and an oral history documented through interviews with the artists and members of the vibrant community they were a part of including Tariq Alvi, Devendra Banhart, Amanda Eicher, Matt Gonzalez, Jack Hanley, Xylor Jane, Kevin Killian, Donal Mosher, Darryl Smith, Margaret Tedesco, and others.

Public programs organized in conjunction with the exhibition will also include a panel discussion between Sarah Cain, Sarah Khoury, and Colter Jacobsen.