Madeline Donahue, Bathers, 2018, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Making (It) Work celebrates makers who embrace parenthood

This new group exhibition presents artists who are new parents and view parenthood as a generative force in their creative practice.

San Francisco, CA—January 15, 2019— California College of the Arts presents Making (It) Work, a group exhibition of artworks made by artists during their first few years of parenthood. Many artists are surprised to find that the joys, hardships, and consuming nature of child care can produce unexpected layers of inspiration and an urgent sense of motivation. A reevaluation of priorities and time management changes the way artists approach the studio; new questions are revealed; new modes of working are hashed out.

The exhibition was conceived during a playdate conversation between the exhibition’s co-curators CCA assistant professor Karla Wozniak and New York-based artist Georgia Elrod. According to the co-curators, “Hanging out with our babies we got to talking about the craziness of life as artists and new parents. After putting the kids down for a nap we kept talking and comparing notes. Along with its very real stresses and limitations, we were both surprised by how creatively generative early parenthood was for us.”

Becoming a parent is a profound identity shift, and this exhibition highlights the work made during this transition. The exhibition does not assume parenthood to be a necessity for deeper understanding of self or artistic practice—rather it celebrates the resilience and dedication of artists. Making (It) Work celebrates makers who have embraced parenthood in its many forms and recognize its generative force.

Featuring work by Lisha Bai, Karen Dana, Leigh Davis, Ariel Dill, Madeline Donahue, Georgia Elrod, Jackie Gendel, David Huffman, McKendree Key, Shaun Leonardo, JJ Manford, Sangram Majumdar, Aspen Mays, Leeza Meksin, Althea Murphy-Price, Elizabeth Russell, Karen Seapker, Sunny A. Smith, Elisa Soliven, Angie Wilson, Witts, Karla Wozniak, and Ezra Wube. Curated by Karla Wozniak (CCA Assistant Professor, Painting/Drawing) and Georgia Elrod.

This exhibition was made possible by a CCA Faculty Exhibition grant.

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