From scholarship recipient to community creative

Emeric Kennard was an active student before graduating from CCA in spring 2017. Studying Illustration and Writing was possible for this Oregon native thanks to CCA scholarships that helped offset the cost of attendance.

Along with the financial relief of the scholarship was this emotional sense of gratitude and of determination to make that investment worthwhile.”
Emeric Kennard
Emeric Kennard_Action Shot

“On a very basic level, the people who help support CCA are the most important part of it. It couldn’t survive without them. We really need them, and I’ve needed them.”

Kennard continues to be committed to his artistic practice, developing new comics and illustrations, and speaking at events like SOMArts’ 2017 Queer Comics Expo panel about nonbinary experience and character-writing. He’s exhibiting at Comic Arts L.A. in December, where he’ll debut a new self-published comic.

“The best part of being at CCA for me has been being invited into so many communities,” Kennard says. “As a queer person, as a transgender person, as an artist, as someone who wants to be socially active as an artist, I have really found a home of like-minded people.”

See some of Emeric’s thought-provoking illustration work at