CCA wins San Francisco Design Week award

CCA’s new webpage on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) shares how our community cultivates impact and action.

Each year, San Francisco Design Week brings the creative community together for a series of panels and convenings that inspire. The international Design Awards, held in conjunction with the week-long event, supports designers whose works contribute towards a positive future for society.

CCA is proud to have received an award for our new DEIB webpage, which celebrates the college’s commitment to this work. Collaborating with the vice president of DEIB and changemakers across the college, our website fosters conversations, tells stories, and provides valuable resources.

The criteria for the award included three categories: 1) Impact—design that represents a substantial shift in the way a particular process is created, executed, perceived, or experienced; 2) Inclusiveness—work that empowers those previously underrepresented in the design community and emboldens social mobility at all levels; and 3) Visual Appeal—projects, ideas, and processes that not only solve problems, but do so with aesthetics that accentuate and elevate the experience from start to finish.

At CCA, we emphasize visual culture, hands-on making, and design thinking, and our creative direction centers on this “maker’s approach.” The site exemplifies future-directed storytelling and features dynamic elements like expandable definitions and scroll-based interactions. This living page is a model for inclusive digital experiences, illustrating how organizations can approach DEIB work collectively and authentically.

Be sure to check out the DEIB page for yourself and follow along as we continue our work throughout the college.

Published on June 29, 2023