Student Activities & Leadership

Get Involved!

We want you to take advantage of the many opportunities from the Office of Student Life that support, enhance and complement your academic experience. Here are ways that you can get involved:

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life fosters a culture in which students are the makers of their own learning experience. We engage students to develop personally, socially and intellectually to become artist-citizens.

In collaboration with students, professional staff support students’ academic journey through the following co-curricular programming: new student orientation, student activities, student organizations, leadership development, student conduct, and commencement.

We value:

  • Civic responsibility encourages the development of self-knowledge and ethical awareness that leads towards positive expression.
  • Community engagement creates an ethos of student involvement and mutual ownership, while providing opportunities, skills, and knowledge to be an active member of an arts community.
  • Creative collaborations promote collective action within the student body while partnering with members, programs, and initiatives that accentuate student life.


The efforts of the Student Affairs team

  • Promote and celebrate a culture of inclusiveness, intellectual curiosity and ethical citizenship.
  • Advance initiatives and collaborations that are student-centered, socially conscious, globally minded, and environmentally responsible.
  • Strive to offer a full calendar of events that encourage community engagement, foster a sense of tradition, and sustain a welcoming and diverse community.
  • Facilitate opportunities for peer connections that strengthen students’ collegiate experience.
  • Support students’ pursuit for academic excellence through wellness and mind/body initiatives.
  • Advise and assist the efforts of students to design, implement, and manage their own initiatives, campus events and student organizations.
  • Cultivate the establishment and endurance of student leaders.