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CCA will partner with you and your family to help you achieve your goals. Get information on our tuition, fees, and financial aid programs designed to make CCA more affordable, so all students can reach their creative potential.


What’s the cost of an education at CCA?

The number one reason to invest

An investment in your creative future

CCA is a private, nonprofit institution that relies on tuition revenue to provide a unique arts education to students from all around the world. And because we’re committed to making an arts education more accessible, a significant portion of CCA’s operating budget is allocated to scholarships that assist students’ financial needs.


What are CCA’s tuition costs?

Illustrator Emeric Kennard's (BFA Illustration 2017) CCA experience and how support from the CCA community helped.

Tuition and room to grow

Undergraduate tuition for academic year 2021–2022 is $51,792. View the undergraduate cost of attendance, including where you choose to live and how often you dine out.

Graduate tuition for academic year 2021–2022 runs between $32,742 to $65,484, depending on your course of study. View the graduate cost of attendance below to find specific information about any programs you’re interested in.


How we maintain shared spaces and tools

Covering facilities, resources, and transportation

While CCA works hard to keep your tuition low, some additional fees are necessary to cover the costs of college-wide services used by all students, such as facilities upkeep, library materials, unlimited access to Adobe Creative Cloud, and shuttle services between campuses.

Undergraduate fees are $520 for academic year 2021–2022. Graduate fees vary depending on your program and range from $420 to $570, with some covering the cost of low-residency programs, during which graduate students aren’t on campus full-time. View the tables of estimated costs and fees below to find information relevant to you.

Estimated Cost

Get a bird’s-eye view

What are the total costs to attend CCA?

From living on campus to choosing to cook meals at home with friends, there are many ways you can economize and afford a top arts and design education. Explore the tables below for undergraduate and graduate programs, and get information on the total estimated cost of attendance for 2021–2022. You can also explore your personal estimated cost by using our net-price calculator. Check out what our Financial Aid office has to offer and find funding solutions that work best for you.

Note: Data pertains to entering full-time enrolled students per academic year. View the tuition and fee schedule for 2021–2022 and check Student Accounts for more details.

All amounts below are in U.S. dollars (USD).


On Campus, First-Year On Campus, Transfer With Guardians Off Campus
TUITION $51,792 $51,792 $51,792 $51,792
FEES $520 $520 $520 $520
HOUSING/ROOM $13,467 $14,134 $0 $10,012
FOOD $5,650 $5,650 $3,550 $5,650
PERSONAL/MISC. $2,200 $2,200 $2,950 $2,570
TRANSPORTATION $1,250 $1,250 $1,450 $1,590
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $76,379 $77,243 $61,762 $73,634


MFA Film, MFA Fine Arts, MFA Design, MArch, MAAD, DMBA MFA Writing, MA Curatorial Practice MA Visual & Critical Studies MFA Comics MFA Comics Residency Program MDes Interaction Design
TUITION $54,570 $43,656 $32,742 $34,560 $45,474 $65,484
FEES $520 $520 $520 $420 $570 $570
HOUSING/ROOM $10,012 $10,012 $10,012 $10,012 $11,124 $11,124
FOOD $5,650 $5,650 $5,650 $6,278 $6,278 $6,278
PERSONAL/MISC. $2,570 $2,570 $2,570 $2,856 $2,444 $2,856
TRANSPORTATION $1,590 $1,590 $1,590 $1,767 $1,389 $1,767
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $2,200 $1,760 $1,320 $1,760 $2,200 $2,640
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $77,112 $65,758 $54,404 $57,652 $69,479 $90,718

Graduate Dual Degree

DMBA and MFA Design MA Visual & Critical Studies and MA Curatorial Practice MA Visual & Critical Studies and MFA Fine Arts MA Visual & Critical Studies and MFA Writing
REGISTRATION FOR FALL / SPRING FA:15 / SP:15 FA:15 / SP:12 FA:15 / SP:17 FA:12 / SP:15
TUITION $54,570 $49,113 $58,208 $49,113
FEES $520 $520 $520 $520
HOUSING/ROOM $10,012 $10,012 $10,012 $10,012
FOOD $5,650 $5,650 $5,650 $5,650
PERSONAL/MISC. $2,570 $2,570 $2,570 $2,570
TRANSPORTATION $1,590 $1,590 $1,590 $1,590
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $2,200 $1,980 $2,347 $1,980
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $77,112 $71,435 $80,896 $71,435


Understand your options

Net-price calculator

With our easy-to-use net-price calculators, you and your family have a simple way to calculate the estimated net cost of attending CCA. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll get an estimate based on your eligibility for merit and need-based financial aid at CCA.

Try the net-price calculator for first-year students or transfer students.

Financial Aid

Take advantage of financial aid opportunities

Fund your education

With exciting internship opportunities, industry connections, and career development support, attending CCA is an investment in your future.


CCA funds a wide array of scholarship opportunities, for both undergraduate and graduate students, including merit scholarships, diversity scholarships, need-based scholarships, and more.


When you combine CCA scholarships with Cal Grants and federal grants you may receive up to 85% of your tuition covered each year depending on your (and your family’s) financial circumstances.

Work-study opportunities

Working on campus while studying at CCA can help provide you with the necessary resources to meet your expenses. From on-campus student employment programs to off-campus work opportunities, CCA can help find the right option for you.

Scholarships for international students

Nearly half of international students at CCA are awarded merit scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 USD based on a student’s portfolio and academic success.


We’re here to help

You’re our number one priority

From admission to graduation, we’re committed to making your arts education a seamless experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions about fees, tuitions, scholarships, and more.

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