Philosophy of Online Learning

The School of the California Guild of Arts and Crafts—now California College of the Arts—was built in reaction to a crisis: the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Since then, we have remained committed to a deep appreciation of craft and materiality, while constantly adding new tools and new ways of thinking as we go. In 2020, as in 1906, CCA is responsive, adaptable, and continuing our legacy of forward-thinking making.

CCA’s integrated online learning is accessible anytime so students can experiment, create, and learn at their own pace. Asynchronous experiences are paired with real time support where students get personalized feedback on their work. As an educational and cultural institution, CCA believes in fostering the artistic and academic excellence of our students. Our global online classrooms are supportive environments that cultivate intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration, innovation, social engagement, compassion, and integrity.

CCA faculty who teach online continue our commitment to engage students in pedagogical practices that best foster creativity in a globalized, remote learning environment. We value building community and direct relationships with students. All individuals in the class are expected to participate and engage with others. Students will share their work and engage with their peers to draw conclusions and create new ideas.

Students in online classes at CCA should expect to have sufficient internet connection, access to technology, and time to commit to their studies. In addition to coursework, CCA provides support for online learning for students through the Learning Resources Center, our Educational and Technology Services help desk and Library research services. First-year students starting their college experience online will have access to a full connection to the college, including faculty mentorship, connections to the majors, and orientation. Student Life activities and other social experiences such as student clubs will also be part of the online learning experience.

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