The Visual Studies minor enables motivated students to pursue their studio practice while engaging more deeply with a curriculum designed to enrich their critical, interpretive, and historical training.

Completing the minor does not increase the total number of units required to graduate. So for most students, pursuing the minor will not affect the number of courses taken either within the major or in the Humanities and Sciences areas.

Declare Your Minor

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Visual Studies Minor Requirements

  • Introduction to the Arts (VISST-104)
  • Introduction to the Modern Arts (VISST-108)
  • Media History course(s) as required by major
  • Intro to Visual Studies: Eye Openers (VISST-220)
  • Any 200- or 300-level Visual Studies course (recommended: VISST 228 Contemporary Art History)
  • Advanced Visual Studies (VISST-312) or VS Methods & Theory (VISST-224)
  • Any 300-level Visual Studies course

21 total units

Distribution of Units

In order to satisfy the Visual Studies minor requirements, students will use:

  • Existing 15 units of Visual Studies requirements
  • Existing 6 units of Humanities and Sciences electives


To further discuss the minor option, contact:
Your major advisor; or
Elizabeth Mangini, Chair of Visual Studies; or
Emily Alexander, Visual Studies program manager