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We’re dedicated to giving students the programs and resources they need to create a vibrant, collaborative community.


Engaging students to become creative citizens

Students celebrating Holi at a nearby park

Creating art and a community

The Division of Student Affairs is here to make sure your experience at California College of Arts is not traditional, but exceptional. We empower you to shape campus culture by giving you access to numerous student organizations, inspiring events, and the support services to help you thrive. Most importantly, we’re here to help you find and forge connections with classmates and mentors as you explore your creative potential.

Students in Backlot during the 2015 Chimerapalooza event.

Students in Backlot during a Chimerapalooza event.

The positive effects of campus life

Getting involved with the campus community is fun, but it also comes with benefits. We’ve seen that participating in co-curricular events and activities leads to higher rates of graduation, better maintained GPAs, heightened self confidence, and a whole list of other positive effects. (Source)

Campus Culture

A vibrant living environment for artists, designers, architects, writers, and everything in between

Experience a unique, creative community

Our Division of Student Affairs provides a variety of resources and programs to support your success, in and out of the classroom. With campuses at the center of the Bay Area’s thriving art and design communities, you’re never too far from inspiration and creative opportunities.

Events to bring creative minds together

From international potlucks to arts and crafts fairs, learn about all of the special events, exhibitions, and lectures by reviewing the event calendar.

The perks of living in a residence hall

Living on campus means you’re surrounded by inspiring, like-minded makers who can help push your boundaries. And bonding is made easier with events like movie and game nights, community services opportunities, and holiday potlucks.

Plus, we have a wide selection of residence halls located in the Bay Area near contemporary galleries, world-renowned museums, and organizations driving design and technological innovation—all with easy access to the basics like Philz Coffee, Whole Foods, ARCH Art Supplies, and more.

Student Groups

Find a group for you

Together, we can be better creatives

Student organizations contribute to the CCA community at large by involving others to work collaboratively toward a shared goal, while helping to create a more vibrant campus environment. Your participation provides valuable experience that can have a positive effect on your college years as well as your future professional and personal life. We look forward to helping you get involved on campus.

The benefits of getting involved

When you join a student group, you meet others with similar interests, while growing a network of supportive friends. You develop leadership skills, collaborate with like-minded creatives, build resume experience, get exhibition opportunities, and more. With over a dozen student organizations, there’s something for every kind of artist.

Making the students voice heard

We have a number of leadership opportunities for you to make an impact on the student community:

  • Resident Advisors (RA) live in the residential halls and are here to support your residential experience
  • Student Council (undergraduates) and Graduate Student Alliance (graduates) share a mission to bridge communities through events and initiatives, advocate on behalf of the student community and mentor students to be successful creative-citizens

These dedicated and engaged leaders are eager not only to welcome new students at New Student Orientation, but also support, champion, and involve themselves in the entire student experience.

Start your own student group

If you have an idea for a new organization, we’re available to help you get it started. Obtaining a pilot charter is easy, and our Student Life staff is ready to walk you through the process.

Don't forget to check out the variety of student groups at CCA—from major-specific to identity-based—such as Students of Color Coalition, DMBA Women in Leadership, MyChina (Chinese Students and Scholars Association), American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Student Chapter, and many more.

Health & Wellness

Resources to support your physical and mental health

Holistic approach

We’re committed to ensuring all students have the appropriate resources to keep up their health and wellness. CCA offers students the option to purchase health insurance and take advantage of a variety of free wellness workshops, counseling services, and other resources to help you thrive.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Professional, confidential counseling is available free of charge to all students. Counseling can help students cope with personal issues and assist them in meeting the challenges of a creative academic environment. Types of counseling provided:

  • Brief individual therapy: support for ongoing personal struggles and psychological conditions
  • Crisis intervention: immediate help during or after an event that has caused emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral distress, or any combination thereof
  • Assessments: help with identifying a specific psychological condition (e.g., depression, ADHD, anxiety)
  • Tele-Mental-Health services: mental health counseling and support conducted online through virtual appointments; for students based in California
  • Mental Health Crisis hotline: support for all students, regardless of their location, in need of immediate assistance; call +1 415-551-9344

Let’s take care of each other

The CCA Cares form is overseen by the Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct & Case Management (ADoSCCM). The Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct & Case Management along with other members of the Dean of Students Team, Student Affairs Professionals, and other CCA Campus Partners (such as Academic Affairs Professionals & members of the Public Safety Department) collaborative work together to address concerns reported via the form.

The Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct & Case Management engages students with the care and support needed during challenging personal and academic circumstances. Because of these difficult times, students may exhibit concerning behaviors. CCA community members can provide information regarding the student they’re concerned about using the CCA Cares form. The team will determine how to best support each student.


Academic resources for creative success

Get guidance to reach your goals

CCA advisors partner with students to develop and achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, we encourage you to connect with us for guidance in tracking your progress, accessing resources, and selecting courses for registration.

Graduate advising

Academic advising for graduate students occurs within each graduate program of study. The specific advising process varies between programs but generally involves the program staff and program chair. For program-specific information, graduate students should contact their program manager or senior manager of academic programs.

For questions related to academic records, please contact the Student Records office at +1 415-703-9579 or [email protected].


Dedicated to your career success

Were standing by

Our committed staff is ready to collaborate with you to craft a student experience that allows you to thrive and find your creative voice.

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