The annual CCA gala plays an essential role in providing need-based scholarships to talented students. Thanks to generous supporters, 74% of CCA students receive scholarships and financial aid—our goal is to ensure that cost is never a barrier to an excellent education for aspiring artists and designers.


Honoring Carla Emil & Rich Silverstein

The 2023 CCA Gala on May 23 will celebrate the cultural and philanthropic leadership of Carla Emil & Rich Silverstein. Co-chaired by CCA trustees Stanlee Gatti and Kimberlee Swig, the event will highlight the tremendous impact this dynamic duo has had on the cultural life of the Bay Area, the state, and the country.


Celebrating community leader Roselyne C. Swig

White background with text overlay CCA Gala Honoring Roselyne C. Swig Thursday, May 19, 2022.

CCA’s annual gala returned to the San Francisco campus on May 19, 2022, as San Francisco cultural and society figures, creative practitioners, and arts leaders gathered to honor beloved arts champion, civic leader, and community advocate Roselyne C. “Cissie” Swig. Co-chaired by CCA Trustees Stanlee Gatti and Kimberlee Swig, the event raised over $1.5 million for student scholarships and celebrated Swig’s inspiring example and all she has done to foster the talents of young creatives locally, nationally, and around the world.


Honoring design visionary Sir Jony Ive

The CCA Gala celebrated 2021 Honorary Doctorate recipient Sir Jony Ive in recognition of his devotion to design as a craft, which ties to CCA’s 114-year legacy of forward-thinking making in the arts and crafts. The event, which took place virtually, raised a record-high $1.5M for student scholarships. Helmed by gala co-chairs and CCA trustees Lorna Meyer Calas, Stanlee Gatti, and Kimberlee Swig, the live broadcast drew 400 supporters online from around the world.

The gala was accompanied by an auction featuring artwork from 15 artists—many of them either CCA alumni or past and present faculty—including Viola Frey, David Maisel, Manuel Neri, Terry St. John, Wayne Thiebaud, and Lava Thomas.


Honoring arts champion Lorna Meyer Calas

Graphic with text overlay CCA Gala Honoring Lorna Meyer Calas Monday, March 23, 2020

While the 2020 spring gala organized in honor of our wonderful trustee and community leader Lorna Meyer Calas was canceled due to San Francisco County and California Department of Public Health COVID-19 restrictions, the event raised over $1M for critically needed student scholarships.

We regret not being able to celebrate together in person but are deeply grateful for the generous supporters who helped ensure many talented students were able to continue their education at CCA during challenging times.


Honoring the legendary Wayne Thiebaud

CCA Gala graphic

A tribute to art education and excellence

On March 25, 2019, more than 358 supporters gathered on CCA’s San Francisco campus for the 2019 CCA People’s Party to honor esteemed painter, printmaker, and teacher Wayne Thiebaud. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, the spring gala grossed over $1.2 million for student scholarships.

The annual fundraising event featured remarks by highly acclaimed scholar Steve Nash and was helmed by co-chairs and CCA trustees Cathy Podell and Stanlee Gatti, and honorary committee chair Lorna Meyer Calas. Guests included long-standing patrons, leaders of San Francisco art institutions, museum directors, gallery owners, major art collectors, and some of the brightest cultural and society figures from the Bay Area.

Celebrated painter and educator Wayne Thiebaud, the 2019 CCA People’s Party honoree, talks about his life’s work with KQED’s Michael Krasny.

Featuring an interview with Michael Krasny

As part of the evening’s festivities, we also proudly presented an abridged version of this full-length interview between Thiebaud and KQED Forum host Michael Krasny. The influential pair discusses Thiebaud’s meaningful achievements, motivations, and love of painting—a form that still proves itself miraculous to Thiebaud, even decades after his incredible career started.


Honoring the remarkable Kay Kimpton Walker

CCA Gala graphic

Record-breaking funds raised for students

CCA gathered more than 375 supporters for its annual gala celebration on May 23, 2018, honoring the remarkable Kay Kimpton Walker, who has chaired seven gala fundraisers and helped raise over $4 million for scholarships, providing hundreds of students with access to an arts education at CCA.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our sponsors and supporters, the event brought in a record-breaking $1.27 million for student scholarships, creating countless opportunities for talented and deserving students to attend CCA regardless of their financial background.


Honoring design visionary David Kelley

CCA Gala graphic

An evening with over $1 million in donations

CCA’s 2017 gala benefit drew more than 400 supporters to its San Francisco campus for a sold-out celebration honoring renowned design visionary David Kelley, founder of the global design consultancy IDEO, establishing a new scholarship fund in his honor—the David Kelley Endowed Scholarship—and inspiring the crowd to make generous, real-time donations to inaugurate the fund.

Helmed by co-chairs and CCA trustees Patricia W. Fitzpatrick, Lorna Meyer Calas, and Kay Kimpton Walker, along with honorary chair and CCA trustee Stanlee R. Gatti, the gala brought together both long-standing CCA patrons and new supporters from across the Bay Area design industry, exceeding expectations by grossing more than $1 million in donations to fund CCA student scholarships.


Honoring renowned designer Stanlee R. Gatti

CCA Gala graphic

A local icon bolsters fundraising efforts

Attracting more than 450 supporters, CCA’s 2016 gala benefit celebrated renowned Bay Area designer and community leader Stanlee R. Gatti, whom CCA surprised with a new scholarship fund in his honor, the Stanlee Gatti Endowed Scholarship, bolstered by generous real-time donations totaling more than $330,000.

Led by co-chairs and CCA trustees Patricia W. Fitzpatrick and Lorna Meyer Calas, with honorary chair and CCA trustee Kay Kimpton Walker, the evening surpassed all financial goals by grossing more than $1.24 million in donations to help fund CCA student scholarships, empowering hundreds of young artists to pursue their dreams.


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