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Media coverage / June 22, 2018

Alumna Reena Merchant leads user experience at Google

Silicon Valley Magazine interviews Reena Merchant (MBA in Design Strategy) on her professional career in the tech world and her love of art and design.
Image of CCA Alumna Reena Merchant who leads user experience at Google

Media coverage / June 21, 2018

Professor Claudia Bernardi works with children seeking asylum

News Leader reports on Claudia Bernardi's mural project with unaccompanied Central American children.
Children attempt to reach the Mexico-US border by riding atop freight cars of La Bestia -- "the Beast" -- for hundreds of miles.

Media coverage / June 1, 2018

CCA architecture students and faculty combat rising sea levels

Estuary News reports on CCA's involvement in the Resilient by Design Challenge.
Map showing San Francisco Bay Resilient by Design sites

Media coverage / May 26, 2018

Professor Owen Smith designs controversial New Yorker covers

The Daily Beast profiles Smith and his works for the magazine.
Lead image for Owen Smith's coverage in the New Yorker

Media coverage / May 16, 2018

Alumna Toyin Ojih Odutola expands definition of the black experience

Frieze magazine profiles Odutola on occassion of her exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art.
CCA Alumna Toyin Ojih Odutola in her exhibition "Testing the Name" at at the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia.

Media coverage / May 1, 2018

Fashion is not the problem

In this second installment, Professor Lynda Grose argues how the industry needs to change to stay relevant and ethical.
CCA Student Miho Kobayashi's fashion design work for Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship, 2017

Media coverage / April 10, 2018

CCA named in top 10 most diverse colleges in U.S.

As an educational and cultural institution, CCA believes diversity is vitally enriching for everyone.
CCA architecture students working together.

Media coverage / Jan. 18, 2018

Twenty summer pre-college arts programs for high school students

Summer programs are an excellent option for anyone with an inclination toward the arts, and especially for students who are considering pursuing an arts degree.
A photo of a women paining a picture of a home

Media coverage / Jan. 17, 2018

Alumni are noted as "artists to watch"

Cultured magazine highlights Petra Cortright (BFA Graphic Design) and Toyin Ojih Odutola (MFA Fine Arts) in its list of 30 artists under 35 to watch in 2018.

Portrait of Petra Cortright

Media coverage / April 4, 2015

Playing out climate risk with Urban Works Agency

Win-Win is a series of board games that play out climate risk scenarios in cities.
Group of students around "Bordertown" game. Created by Shiyun Fan, Huaye Wei, and Seungah Lee.

Media coverage / Oct. 3, 2012

When choosing a college, is geography destiny?

CCA President Stephen Beal emphasizes the benefits of studying in the Bay Area—a global hub of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social activism.
Image of CCA President Stephen Beal.
Portrait of David Owens-Hill.

David Owens-Hill

Director of Communications

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