Five CCA Architecture and Interior Design students named among the top 100 in North America

Soojee Choi, Negar Hosseini, Chizumi Kano, Jesus Guillermo Macias Franco, and Electra White have earned a coveted spot among the Metropolis Future 100 list.

Each year the internationally renowned architecture magazine Metropolis designates 100 graduating architecture and interior design students to its Future 100 list, a selection of the top students from the most prestigious schools in North America. Each year California College of the Arts (CCA) students consistently make the list for their compelling and inspiring work.

This year, CCA congratulates students Soojee Choi, Negar Hosseini, Chizumi Kano, Jesus Guillermo Macias Franco, and Electra White for earning a coveted spot among the 2024 Metropolis Future 100 list.

“The Metropolis Future 100 designation has been an amazing platform for our students to showcase their work on a national stage,” says Antje Steinmuller, chair of BArch Architecture. “I am so proud of the truly outstanding CCA Architecture division students who have been included in this group in the past four years. Their recognition as part of the Metropolis Future 100 is an indication of their unique talent and their fantastic accomplishments as part of the CCA Architecture community.”

Students this year created visionary work that imagines how architecture and interior design can be harnessed to create solutions for some of today’s urgent challenges.

“I am equally proud of our CCA Architecture division students. Our Interior Design students are extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated, and they have each shown outstanding leadership within our CCA Interior Design community,” says Margaux Schindler, chair of Interior Design. “I’m inspired by this class of students for their desire to create change in the world. They created work to build a more sustainable and equitable future in Interior Design and Architecture.”

Check out a sampling of the projects students created to earn them this top spot and what it means for them to be recognized among the 2024 Metropolis Future 100.

Architectural rendering of a transparent multistory building intersected by two cylindrical features

Chizumi Kano, Light Portal, fall 2021. BArch Studio 3, instructor: Jason Kelly Johnson.

Chizumi Kano (BArch Architecture)

“I’m deeply honored to receive the Metropolis Future 100 award. Winning this award made me feel like my five years of hard work was recognized by others. And it was a great opportunity to reflect on my journey from early projects to recent works. I've seen tremendous growth, both academically and personally. Studying architecture has profoundly transformed my values, not only through academics; the various internships and people I met also inspired me a lot. Each moment became a milestone in my journey and deepened my love for architecture. As I approach my graduation this May with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, I see it not as an ending but a brand new beginning. I’m dedicated to embracing every opportunity, pushing myself further, and leveraging architecture to make a positive impact on both society and individual lives, just as it has on mine.”

An illustration of a hand hovering above a plaza with trees and floating orange-shaped slices

Electra White, Petals, Materiality and Space 3, fall 2022. Instructor: Margaux Schindler.

Electra White (BFA Interior Design)

“I am so excited and honored to be part of the 2024 Metropolis Future 100. I could have never envisioned this a few years ago, and it is an indescribable way to close out my college education. While my time at CCA has been short, I’ve gained so much. I’ve learned and grown as a designer and the school has provided me with so many great connections and opportunities. Thank you to the department, my professors, and everyone who has supported me along the way. And congratulations to my fellow winner—classmate, person who helped me get through school, and best friend—Soojee.”

Architectural diagram of a building elevation set among a forest with and a river running nearby

Jesus Guillermo Macias Franco (with Bennett Grisley), Indian Valley Trading Post, fall 2022. Property in Crisis—Advanced Studio, instructor: Janette Kim.

Jesus Guillermo Macias Franco (BArch Architecture 2023)

“Conjuring the right words to talk about my 2024 Metropolis Future 100 recognition was no easy task. Running around in my mind were memories from 14 years ago, when I first embarked on this journey back home in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. I saw myself camping in the studio for days at a time with my classmates, counting the time I had to say goodbye to them before I left home, bound for Mexico City. I also remembered the first time I came to California as well as my professors at Napa Valley College. I remembered walking around in the gardens of CCA's Oakland campus and driving back home to San Jose in my '95 Honda Civic late at night.

For me, being recognized as one of the top 100 graduating students in the country isn't just another academic achievement, instead it will always be a reminder that the struggle I endured for 14 years was noticed by others. It will always be a reminder that, although I felt alone for the greater part of those years, I never really was, and it is proof that there has always been someone rooting for me.”

Architectural rendering of a towering undulating sculpture, a flock of birds overhead, and a figure with a hat and no head

Negar Hosseini, The Bamboo Tower, spring 2022. Synthetic Tectonics Seminar, instructor: Jason Kelly Johnson.

Negar Hosseini (MArch Architecture)

“I am incredibly happy and grateful to be listed among the 2024 Metropolis Future 100. Over the past two years of my journey at CCA, I have seen myself grow stronger, more determined, more passionate, and more resilient. I find myself blessed with everything I have ever desired and strived for, and for that, I am profoundly thankful. I am also really proud of all the projects and experiences I have had the chance to participate in and meeting people who are willing to help unconditionally. It means a lot to me to be part of this beautiful and talented community.

I would like to say thank you to all of my instructors, friends, and colleagues who were always there supporting me, especially Negar Kalantar (associate professor of Interior Design) who believed in me and gave me opportunities to learn and explore architecture in a completely new way. I also extend a big congratulations to all my undergrad peers and friends for receiving this well-earned award.”

Soojee Choi, Converge, spring 2023. Interior Design Studio 3, instructor: Negar Kalantar.

Soojee Choi (BFA Interior Design)

“I am honored to be selected for the Metropolis Future 100. In three years in this program, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth as a designer. Every moment at school was new, exciting, inspiring, and challenging. This was made possible with support from the faculty, staff, and my friends. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow winners from CCA!”