Design by Sarah Chieko Bonnickson.

Rewind Review Respond

CCA students share their reflections on recent conversations, lectures, and events they’ve encountered on our campus on the cloud.

We know that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, and inspiration doesn’t just strike in the studio. One of the silver linings of our campus moving online during the pandemic is how widely accessible our lectures, panel discussions, artist’s talks, and other events have become, for both audiences and the artists, architects, designers, and writers from around the world who “visit” our virtual campus. One of the best things about attending those events in person, though, was the conversations among classmates that happened in the in-between times—during a break in a lecture, or at a cafe after an artist’s talk.

With the help of CCA’s Exhibitions and Public Programming department, students have created Rewind Review Respond, “a digital space that intends to fill that void of informal discourse,” at least to a degree. Reviewing a roundtable discussion of Believe in Truth, an exhibition, presented on Instagram, of works by CCA students “in response to our current moment of political and social unrest,” Painting and Drawing student Gordon Fung writes, “At CCA, we are blessed to have a cohesive and supportive community of faculty, staff, and students from different cultural backgrounds, open to cultural and constructive exchanges. Though we are challenged by dystopia, institutional racism, environmental damages, and all kinds of inequalities that will not be mended overnight under new governmental leadership, our community ties keep us healthy and strong.”

That community is what Fung and his classmates are striving to sustain through the discourse they present on Rewind Review Respond. It’s not the same as the lively post-event discussions we had, and will have again, on campus. But it’s well worth checking out.

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