This page is for application instructions and program details. For exchange partners and locations, please go to "Exchange Partners".

Students may apply to participate in the Semester Abroad program either in the fall or spring semester. Please note the following application deadlines for each academic term.

Important Application Deadlines

October 1 for spring semester exchange
April 1 for fall semester exchange

Students should meet with their advisor, program chair, and the ISAP office to determine which semester would be ideal to be away from the college.

Application Procedure

Students who apply to the Semester Abroad program should complete the CCA exchange application and include the necessary signatures.

Email the ISAP office to find out if there are any extra requirements for the programs you are interested in, as well as for any questions you may have about the application.  

Make an appointment with the ISAP office to review all requirements before submitting your application.

In addition, students must provide one copy of the following items for each school applied to:

  • detailed proposal of the work to be accomplished while abroad
  • portfolio (10–15 slides of their work on CD/DVD or other format)
  • faculty recommendation on CCA letterhead
  • current CCA transcript (ISAP Office will order)

Portfolios should be labeled with student's name, title of the work, medium, and dimensions. We cannot guarantee the return of portfolios, so please make sure all included images are duplicates—not the originals.

Applications should be submitted to the International Student Affairs & Programs Office on either campus.


Students who wish to study abroad for a semester must:

  • be current, degree-seeking, full-time students
  • have a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA)
  • be a junior (or fourth-year for BArch students)
  • have completed at least two semesters at CCA
  • otherwise meet the eligibility requirements of their specific program
  • Students need to be proficient in their media and independently motivated
  • Students with a disciplinary action or placed on probation in the year preceding the intended year of travel are ineligible to participate

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is payable to CCA. The student may receive a regular financial aid award, if any, to which they are entitled as participants in the Semester Abroad program.

While at the host school, the student is governed by the academic regulations in effect at the host school. Students in the program are ineligible for student aid or employment from the host school.

Laboratory fees, student service fees, or other fees may be charged to the student by the host institution. Such fees are billed to the student and payable directly to the host institution. Policies on these fees vary by institution and program, but they are typically quite minimal.

Scholarships for Semester Study Abroad

There are several scholarships available for students interested in studying abroad.  For a full list, please email the ISAP Office

Gilman Scholarship (Award deadline: Early March for Fall Term. Early October for Spring Term.)
Boren Awards  (Award deadline: February) (Award deadlines vary)
Affordable Colleges Online (a list of scholarships to view specifically for study abroad)


Outgoing exchange students are registered in a block of 15 units to be distributed by the advisor in the application and following the student’s portfolio review upon return to CCA.

Students are responsible for providing CCA with an official academic transcript from the host school. Credit is not issued for courses in which a student receives the CCA equivalent of a C- or lower. Exchange units will be recorded as Pass/Fail on the student’s permanent record.

Passports & Visas

Students must plan ahead and be certain they have a valid passport, as well as have made the necessary preparations for a student visa. Visa applications can take 8–10 weeks for approval, so it’s best to apply as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.

Information Sessions

Informational tabling sessions are held in September and March.