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The Unseen

At just 24 years old, Arleene Correa Valencia (Individualized Major 2018) is making a huge impact through her artwork.

Arleene Correa Valencia, Artist and CCA Graduate in Individualized Studies 2018


CCA assistant professor on team awarded NSF grant

Negar Kalantar explores how relief cutting, or kerfing, can improve building materials’ adaptability to environmental threats.

Photo of Interior Design assistant professor Negar Kalantar and student in the Rapid Prototyping Studio.


Seven things to look for during your art school visits

Feeling the “vibe” of an art school, imagining yourself living, studying, and working there, is a crucial part of the campus visit. But there are a few more tangible things you should keep your eye out for, as well.

Group of students speaking at Chimerapalooza in the Nave


Life before and after CCA, with Individualized Studies alum Galen Boone

Galen Boone shares how the Individualized Studies curriculum formed her practice, which CCA faculty had the biggest impact, and what life has been like after graduation.

Galen Boone, THIRDSEX | The Mother. Parure portrait. 2018.


Changing the way fashion designers think

CCA Fashion Design faculty, students, activists, and influencers leverage every skill they have to bring change to the injustice at the root of fashion production.

Students attending Remake trip Made in Mexico


2019 IMPACT Award winners challenge climate change

Buoyant Ecologies and Rubber Impact Awareness & Action Project win grants from Center for Impact.

Artists rendering of the view from the top of the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab


President Stephen Beal’s biography

As CCA’s ninth president, Stephen Beal champions learning through making to prepare students as creative citizens.

Image of CCA President Stephen Beal


JD Beltran and Scott Minneman: Learning interactively

JD Beltran and Scott Minneman collaborate on cutting-edge interactive artworks which explore new modes of portraiture.

JD Beltran and Scott Minneman, The Cinema Snowglobe, 2013


A visionary whose craftsmanship confronts injustice

2019 honorary doctorate degree recipient Joyce J. Scott’s career demonstrates her quest to inspire change through art.

Joyce J. Scott, Baby Blue Book Redux, 2018. Beads, thread, 37 1/2 x 52 1/4 inches. Courtesy Goya Contemporary Gallery, Baltimore


Lily Williams (Animation 2014) finds her dream career

By the time Lily Williams (Animation 2014) reached high school, she already had a game plan.

Close-up detail of magenta and yellow paint on a canvas.


From farm to fashion: textile manufacturing in North Carolina

CCA’s summer study trips introduce students to new cultures and experiences, and many programs also feature service to the host communities and reflections on issues that affect those communities: environmental …

pink and white shirts hanging close together.


Enlivening San Francisco's Market street

The sidewalks of San Francisco’s busiest thoroughfare came alive for three days in April at the Market Street Prototyping Festival as teams of artists and designers exhibited over 50 ingenious …

a woman walks through thousands of dangling neon strings on the street in San Francisco.


Game on: how video games are changing the way we work and play

Gaming is storytelling. From a design perspective, a good game presents a world that is both accessible and fantastic; at its center are good characters.

A digital avatar dances in front of a colorful video screen.


Tim Brown and Barry Katz on design thinking today

IDEO CEO Tim Brown and CCA professor Barry Katz discuss design in a new era of disruption.

IDEO CEO Barry Katz and Tim Brown, CCA professor of design and IDEO fellow


Mastering filmmaking

CCA's Cinema Visionaries Lecture Series is a popular public-programs lineup of screenings and engaging Q&A sessions with today's most luminary filmmakers.

Filmmaker Alex Gibney (left) and film Co-chair Rob Epstein at CCA's Cinema Visionaries Lecture Series


Three ways to make your college application stand out

What can you do to make sure your application won’t be overlooked? Here are a few tips from admissions officers at some of the best art colleges in the U.S.

Three students pose in front of a structure with purple projections on it.


Alumna Ashely Eva Brock champions sustainable fashion

Ashley Brock Fibershed in studio_hero image_SD


Meet CCA MAAD HTX graduate Joseph Becker

Associate Curator, Joseph Becker standing in his exhibition, Field Conditions [All images copyright SFMOMA and Matthew Millman]

SFMOMA Field Conditions_hero image.jpg


Alum Matthew Jervis believes everyone can be a designer

Matthew Jervis (Graphic Design 2004) believes we can all be designers. Design is fundamental to how humans survive and relate to the world, he says.

typography posters_hero image_SD


Can graphic design be political?

Postcards to the President, a project that encouraged attendees to write messages to POTUS, Vice President Pence, state reps, and local leaders.

Collection of postcards for the president and rubber stamps
Portrait of Brian Maxey.

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