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Class Spotlight: Students explore Oakland’s urban history one step at a time

CCA students in the class “Hella Oakland” discovered a whole new side of the city through immersive walking tours of historical neighborhoods like West Oakland, Rockridge, and Jack London Square.

A panoramic photo of Oakland’s Lake Merritt at dusk, with the city’s skyline in the background.


Can game design be a tool for social justice?

Building interactive new worlds as a game designer is a powerful way to share your vision for a more just future.

A room with a video game set up in the background and a wall with the text “Game Arts Home Room” in the foreground.


We Are Image Makers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Illustrators are indeed storytellers. Get a glimpse at some of the stories students have made and what inspires them.

Geometric illustration with abstract figures posing.


Studio Forward: In the Act of Becoming

In this experimental, open-ended course, we build new models for future visioning, work in interdisciplinary teams, and maximize our sponsored partnerships.

Photograph of a fence covered in black tarp overlaid by red tape placed in X shapes and a grid of posters.


Meet industrial design student Emilie Cevallos Paredes

Learn how Emilie Cevallos Paredes draws inspiration from her heritage, turns her hobbies into a career, and dispels preconceived beliefs about art school.

Headshot of CCA industrial design student Emilie Cevallos Paredes.


Using your degree in illustration: Professional options

Learn how you can use your degree in illustration to do just about anything, from marketing and publishing to surface design and murals.



Include writing in your admissions portfolio with these 7 tips

Portfolios can include far more than you think. Adding samples of your original written work can strengthen your application.
A close-up of a letterpress with the letters T, W, d, e, and h repeating.


Making a career shift with a master’s in design

A master’s in design can put you on a fast track to a new career, where you can imagine and build a better future.

A design workshop in progress, led by a man wearing a green jacket.


Six things I wish I’d known when applying to grad school

A graduate admissions counselor shares lessons learned and expert advice to make your application stand out.

Seven people at a workshop smile around a table as they chat and arrange pink post-its.


CCA’s First-Generation College Community

Colleges like CCA empower their first-gen students to achieve.
Tissue-paper art in the Mexican style with the letters CCA forming the design.


The MFA program: 5 things to consider when choosing a fine arts degree

Pursuing a master of fine arts is one of the best ways to take your artistic practice to the next level.

A close-up view of colorful brushes and palette knives in a red toolbox.


The game designer as artist

As a game arts major, you can combine your passions for art and gaming to shape the future of play.

A close-up image of different types of dice used in games.


Q&A: Comics professor Justin Hall on nurturing community in queer comics

Interim MFA Comics Chair Justin Hall on his documentary, No Straight Lines, and the importance of finding (and sharing) your own voice.
Justin Hall—a man with a beard, wearing a black t-shirt—holds up a graphic novel while speaking to a class.


Why get an MBA at an art and design school?

Knowing how to leverage design thinking will help you improve the logistics of business administration and your own career—and it may also help you change the world.

A woman with dark hair and a black-and-white striped jumpsuit talks about her project to a small group of people.


Connecting CCA and the Wattis Institute

TT Takemoto talks with Christina Linden and Anthony Huberman about the adjacency of the Wattis and CCA—and how they’re working to expand the dialogue between the two.
Peter Simensky's senior sculpture class gets a curator tour of Wattis in 2019.


CCA’s Interior Design program awarded $75k Donghia Foundation grant

The grant will support the program’s Materiality and Space and Advanced Studio curriculum, providing individual and program-wide support and services to students.
An Interior Design and Glass interdisciplinary class, 2020.


Alum spotlight: Architect Nastaran Mousavi

At Studio BANAA, Nastaran Mousavi (MArch 2013) is designing authentic spaces brimming with story and meaning.
An image of the Kokak Chocolate Shop bar in San Francisco.


Alumni Spotlight: Video game designer and animator Babak Saadat

Before CCA launched the BFA in Game Arts in fall 2021, Babak Saadat followed his passions and created his own focus in game design.
Masaharu, one of the main characters from Babak Saadat’s Harukaze, in different combat positions.


Three MFA Fine Arts students win Cadogan awards

Katayoun Bahrami, Ester Karnoski, and Bryce LeFort honored at September 10 ceremony and featured in annual SOMArts Cultural Center exhibition.
Ester Karnoski, selections from the series Screen Time in progress, 2021. Oil on paper, 24 x 18 inches each.


Which graduate Design degree is right for me?

From CCA’s MFA in Design, MBA in Design Strategy, and Master of Design in Interaction Design, find the graduate program that fits your design aspirations.
A student points to a whiteboard.
Portrait of David Owens-Hill.

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