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Press release / May 10, 2021

CCA celebrates its graduating students in Class of 2021 Showcase

The Class of 2021 Showcase features work from over 260 students across the Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, and Humanities and Sciences divisions.

A dark blue graphic that reads Class of 2021 Showcase with multicolored vertical stripes of different widths.

Press release / April 13, 2021

CCA honors legendary designer Sir Jony Ive during the 2021 virtual gala celebration on May 14

CCA will also recognize Sir Jony’s extraordinary contributions to design with an honorary doctorate during the college’s virtual commencement celebration on May 10, 2021.

Portrait of Sir Jony Ive.

Press release / April 7, 2021

California College of the Arts presents the 2021 MFA Showcase exhibition

On Thursday, April 8, 2021, a new exhibition featuring a selection of work by 16 emerging artists from California College of the Arts’ graduate program in fine arts opens at 360 Kansas Street in San Francisco.


Press release / April 7, 2021

CCA’s Architecture Division announces new Academic Alliance with the Autodesk Technology Centers

California College of the Arts’ acclaimed Architecture Division is pleased to announce a new Academic Alliance with the Autodesk Technology Centers beginning in spring 2021.
Students working in Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco.

Press release / March 23, 2021

The Wattis Institute's 2020-2021 Capp Street Artist-in-Residence Raven Chacon launches Radio Coyote, a new 24/7 online and FM radio station, April 1–June 30

Radio Coyote is conceived entirely by Chacon and guest collaborators, featuring live and pre-recorded performances, interviews, and text-based recordings. Listen April 1–June 30, 2021, at

Radio Coyote

Press release / March 15, 2021

CCA's Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice presents "Contact Traces," May 9–June 6, 2021

"Contact Traces," an exhibition curated by CCA’s Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice Class of 2021, reconsiders existing definitions of care in the absurd and dire circumstances of our present moment.

Lenka Clayton, 63 Objects Taken from my Son's Mouth, 2013, printed 2021. Photograph, 15” x 11”. Courtesy of the artist.

Press release / Jan. 25, 2021

The Wattis Institute's winter/spring 2021 schedule features free, artist-centric events, lectures, screenings, and programming

The Wattis Institute presents a robust schedule of events centered on the question that drives the institution’s core mission: What and how can we learn from artists today?

Cecilia Vicuña, Lava Quipu, 2020, multimedia performance.

Press release / Dec. 2, 2020

Interior Design program awarded $50,000 Angelo Donghia Foundation Grant

The grant will support a five-year initiative to expand lighting design course offerings, providing a research-driven, interdisciplinary approach to lighting design at CCA.

Press release / Oct. 14, 2020

CCA Wattis Institute presents Jeffrey Gibson: Nothing is Eternal

Jeffrey Gibson's newly commissioned video opens with an outdoor screening at the Tenderloin National Forest.
A video still from Jeffrey Gibson's 'Nothing is Eternal'

Press release / Oct. 13, 2020

CCA launches the [email protected] Artwork Campaign—a new exhibition highlighting democratic engagement and creative activism

The walk-by exhibition and website features artwork and poster designs by 66 CCA students, faculty, staff, and alumni; see it in the Hubbell Street Galleries windows or online at

CCA@CCA Artwork Campaign

Press release / Oct. 8, 2020

California College of the Arts presents Make. Act. Resist: A Teach-In on Borders & Migration

Make. Act. Resist throughout October features keynote lectures, a movie screening and discussion, artist talks, and interviews with CCA faculty.

Press release / Sept. 22, 2020

Wattis Institute launches year-long research season dedicated to the work of Cecilia Vicuña

The Wattis will devote an entire year to reflecting on the questions posed by Vicuña’s work through intimate public and private reading groups and a series of public events.
Cecilia Vicuña

Press release / July 7, 2020

California College of the Arts appoints Ritu Kalra to Board of Trustees

California College of the Arts announces the appointment of Ritu Kalra to the Board of Trustees for an initial three-year term. Kalra is the treasury director and special advisor to the executive vice president of Harvard University.
Ritu Kalra

Press release / June 24, 2020

CCA awarded $225,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

The grant will support CCA’s work converting to a hybrid, online, and in-person fall 2020 semester by supporting four CCA library staff positions and two online learning platforms.

CCA Library Special Collections

Press release / June 15, 2020

CCA presents four events during San Francisco Design Week’s 2020 virtual festival

CCA’s 2020 San Francisco Design Week events feature discussions exploring long-term design thinking, designing the future of music, and what matters now in design and architecture education.


Press release / May 11, 2020

CCA celebrates its graduating students in digital Class of 2020 Showcase, on view online beginning May 14

The Class of 2020 Showcase brings the work of over 300 students across the Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, and Humanities and Sciences divisions to visitors’ homes while CCA’s campus is closed.

Class of 2020 Showcase

Press release / May 7, 2020

CCA's 2020 graduates in Curatorial Practice present 'The Word for World is Forest'

The Word for World is Forest, a project curated by CCA’s Curatorial Practice graduate program Class of 2020, is on view at May 14–September 14, 2020.

Sofía Córdova, dawn chorusi:_LA PREKUELA, 2016–2020.

Press release / April 28, 2020

CCA Wattis Institute launches a new annual book series, A Series of Open Questions

The first volume in the CCA Wattis Institute's new book series, A Series of Open Questions, is Where are the tiny revolts?, informed and inspired by the work of Bay Area poet and novelist Dodie Bellamy.
Wattis Reader – Where are the tiny revolts? (A Series of Open Questions, vol. 1)

Press release / April 20, 2020

CCA appoints Ed Prohaska as chief financial officer

California College of the Arts (CCA) President Stephen Beal announced Ed Prohaska as chief financial officer, effective on Monday, April 20, 2020.
CCA CFO Ed Prohaska

Press release / April 14, 2020

California College of the Arts to host inaugural CCA Sparks Pitch Day competition

Student-run teams put their new and innovative business ideas to the test at California College of the Arts’ inaugural CCA Sparks Pitch Day event.

A group of students pose in front of a white wall.

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