Our middle school summer program guidelines help ensure a successful and positive art experience for all.

General Requirements

For middle school students who love art class

CCA’s Young Artist Studio Program (YASP) is a middle school summer program reserved for students who completed sixth, seventh, or eighth grade earlier the same year. If you are looking for CCA Youth Programs for high school students, please explore our Atelier and Pre-College programs.

Though not a requirement, we highly encourage all returning YASP students to explore a different studio topic during their returning year. We find they have a more exciting experience when they try something new.

Code of Conduct

CCA is committed to offering high-quality youth programming

All YASP participants should have an interest in art and design. In the event an instructor or staff member deems a student's behavior as disruptive to other participants, CCA reserves the right to withdraw the participant from the program.

Attendance and absences

YASP is a short, full-immersion experience. Participants are expected to be present for the entire program. If another student activity or vacation plans conflict with a full-time commitment to YASP, please wait until next year to register your child for the program.

We understand in some cases school registration may occur during our program or that your child may miss class due to illness. If this is the case, please notify us as soon as possible at [email protected].

Students who miss class or leave class early are often disappointed in the quantity and quality of work they have to show in the culminating exhibition. It is also disruptive to the faculty member and other YASP participants when another student arrives late or leaves early.

Pickup, drop off, and parental visits

Please do not drop your child off before 8:45 am or pick them up after 4:15 pm each day. We can not guarantee CCA staff will be available to monitor your student outside of these hours.

Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch or other breaks, and parents and guardians are not allowed on campus for lunch. All students will eat inside or right outside Makers Cafe on campus, monitored by CCA staff the entire time.

Personal items and electronic devices

During class time, students are not allowed to use portable music players, personal laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices of any kind. This policy is meant to encourage students to be present and to engage with their peers and instructor. If students have a cell phone, it must be turned off while classes are in session. Students are welcome to use these devices when not in a classroom. We also encourage any items of value to be left at home, and skateboards or scooters are not allowed on campus.

Health & Safety

Expect a healthy and safe learning environment

Before the start of YASP, parents and guardians will complete a general enrollment form for each student. The following information must be disclosed on this form:

  • Any medical conditions, including known mental health conditions, that may impact your child’s participation in YASP
  • Any learning disabilities/differences or health issues
  • Current medications, allergies, or other pre-existing conditions
  • Food sensitivities or dietary restrictions and requests

Be sure to specify on the enrollment form if you would like this information shared with your child’s instructors.


Our staff and instructors are not allowed to provide or administer any medical treatment or medication to YASP participants — including aspirin. It’s imperative you plan ahead. If your student is likely to need medication while in class (e.g., for cramps, allergies, headaches, etc.), please confirm they have the medication with them each day and discuss with them when and how to take it.

YASP is an intensive immersion arts program. If your child takes medication during the regular school year to help focus and successfully participate in a school environment, we ask that you continue this course of action throughout the program and prepare your child accordingly.

Dietary considerations

All YASP students are required to eat lunch on campus at Makers Cafe. Our kitchen team is prepared to accommodate most dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.

Students with disabilities

For more information about Access and Disability Services at CCA, email [email protected]. All accommodation requests will be considered; however, there may be limits as to what CCA can reasonably provide. Our Access and Wellness Office recommends a minimum of five weeks’ notice for all requested accommodations, so please reach out as soon as possible.

CANRA (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act)

Because minors attend YASP, we follow CANRA law, which requires us to report to child protective authorities if we receive any information about possible abuse of children of the program, as well as wherever and by whomever the possible abuse may be occurring. YASP program administrators are trained in CANRA, and other personnel of the program are required to immediately inform an administrator if any such information is received.

Refund Policy

Eligibility requirements for a tuition refund vary

Withdrawal/refund requests must be made via email to [email protected]. The time stamp on the request will be honored as the withdrawal date. Phone calls are not an acceptable communication method for withdrawing from YASP. No refund will be issued for YASP participants who have been withdrawn from the program by CCA for disruptive behavior.

Important dates

  • April 10 — 100% refund if you withdraw on or before this date ($580 tuition, $70 meal plan)
  • April 11-May 30 — 50% refund if you withdraw during this timeframe ($290 tuition, $35 meal plan)
  • After May 30 — No refunds

Please note: The tax ID for this program is 941156485 (ID code 001127).