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[email protected]: Animators as keepers of emotional truth

CCA partnered with Pixar during an intensive summer program—focused on new voices, collaboration, and storyboarding—for students pursuing an animation degree.

Photo of students in the summer animation program during a team building exercise


Four strategies for finding art school scholarships

Things to consider when you are getting serious about how to pay for art school.
Students in Painting Class

Press release / Nov. 27, 2018

Summit Public Schools awarded $10,000,000 XQ prize to design high school of the future

CCA to partner with Summit by providing a broad network of mentors for its students.

Summit Schools Awarded $10 Million XQ Prize hero image


What's the #1 thing that leads to more scholarships?

Advice on maximizing scholarship money with your art portfolio.


6 things your art portfolio must have

The quality of your art portfolio has the single biggest impact on your application to art school. Here are some tips on what to include.

Various paintings dry on a white rack in the Painting and Drawing studios


How to pick the right samples for your art portfolio

Here are a few tips to make the process of selecting samples for your portfolio a bit easier.
Red figure sitting on architectural model.


Top 10 tips for creating the best art portfolio

Learn how to create a portfolio that showcases your technical, creative, and conceptual abilities and separates you from other applicants.

Paint on silkscreen brush


CCA Architectural Ecologies lab wins 2018 R+D Award from Architect Magazine

CCA Architectural Ecologies Lab won the 2018 R+D Award by Architect Magazine for Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab.

Image of Float Lab by Buoyant Ecologies.


MBA Design Strategy Alumna Reena Merchant leads user experience at Google

Modern Luxury Silicon Valley profiles MBA design strategy alumna Reena Merchant.
Image of CCA Alumna Reena Merchant who leads user experience at Google


Lynda Grose on re-imagining fashion at CCA

Chair of fashion design Lynda Grose discusses what makes CCA's fashion program different.
Chair of Fashion Design, Lynda Grose


Graphic Design Students Create BART Etiquette Posters

Graphic design students work with BART to encourage better rider etiquette.
BART game over poster.png


VP of Design at Fitbit and graduate of CCA's Industrial Design program talks about his career journey

Fitbit's VP of Design Jonah Becker shares how his industrial design degree from CCA helped him get there.
VP of Design at Fitbit and Graduate of CCA's Industrial Design Program Talks About His Career Journey.jpg


Internships and Externships: The Gateway to Careers in Fine Arts

Students discuss how their internships opened up new career paths.
Student cataloguing silkscreens in the screen printing room


Donald Fortescue: Arctic Visions

Furniture and Fine Arts faculty member Donald Fortescue travels to the Arctic as a part the Arctic Circle Residency.

Donald Fortescue: Arctic Visions_header_SD


Tina Takemoto: Life at the Speed of Art

Equal parts artist, activist, and educator, Humanities and Sciences Dean Tina Takemoto is a force to be reckoned with. Their work takes many forms and deals with issues of race, gender, queer identity, memory, and grief.
Tina Takemoto: Life at the Speed of Art_header_SD


Changing the Outlook: Amanda Cachia

Amanda Cachia (Visual and Critical Studies 2012) discusses her research, her experience at CCA, and her work curating shows around the world.
AmandaCachia_Disability and Curatorial Activism_LD.jpg


Steven Miller: Designing Tomorrow at The NWBLK

Steven Miller (BFA Interior Design 1992) shares what initially drew him to interior design and what it's like to start your own studio.

NWBLK Gallery, San Francisco


Sienna DeGovia: Sculptural Food Stylist Extraordinaire

Sculpture alumni Sienna DeGovia on working as a food stylist in Los Angeles.


Notes from the Studio

Alumna Kindah Khalidy reflects on her studio space at CCA.

Portrait of Kindah Khalidy in studio.


Glass Artist and CCA Alumnus Jaime Guerrero Creates Life Size Glass Sculptures to Comment on Refugee Crisis

Glass artist and CCA alumnus Jaime Guerrero on his life size glass children and piñata.

Jaime Guerrero, Once Upon A Time, 2013.
Portrait of David Owens-Hill.

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