CCA’s new residence Founders Hall.

Why live on campus?

Here are three reasons why living in a residence hall can help you have the best art and design college experience possible.

The dorm, campus housing, the residence hall, the *spot*—whatever you call it, where you live today can make a difference in where you land tomorrow. On a residential campus at an art and design college like CCA, inspiration is always just around the corner.

There are so many benefits to living where you learn, like feeling secure and welcome in a community of fellow creators. Here are three of our favorite reasons for choosing residence life and tips for picking the perfect place to rest your paintbrush—and, of course, your head.

See inside the brand new Founders Hall and Makers Cafe on CCA’s San Francisco campus.

Interior view of Makers Cafe, an open kitchen and grill on the left and TV screen with a photo of beets above on the right.

CCA’s dining hall, Makers Cafe on the first floor of Founders Hall, and an adjacent convenience store are great for late-night munchies, snacks, or a quick bite on the way to your next studio.

1. It’s convenient and cost-effective

Living on campus frees up time to focus on the important things, like artmaking! With your room just steps from your studio, you can take full advantage of campus events, social activities, and resources.

On-campus housing can be convenient for your finances and friendships too. No need to buy furniture or haggle with roommates over the electric bill when your dorm is fully furnished and utilities are included. Plus, a good meal or fast snack is usually right outside your door. That’s convenient: It takes the guesswork out of where to grab a bite before your next class. And cost-effective: CCA meal plans aren’t subject to sales tax.

Pro-tip: Pay attention to priority housing deadlines

For current students, CCA’s priority housing deadline for fall is March 15. The earlier you apply, the better chance you have at receiving your preference in unit type and roommate. Apply for student housing today.

White and blue seating on the empty rooftop terrace of Founders Hall, with a purple and blue sunset in the background.

Founders Hall features a rooftop terrace for students. Photo by Richard Barnes.

2. It supports academic and personal growth

When you live on campus, you’re surrounded by others dedicated to similar goals and immersed in similar experiences. This opens the door to developing your own ideas and interests. You’ll share suite space and study lounges with other students majoring in creative disciplines, and the overlap can spark artistic collaboration, critique, discussion, and—let’s be honest—social media-worthy shenanigans.

Residential life is about more than simply having a place to live. CCA provides robust professional mentorship and guidance for residential students, especially first- and second-year students who are required to live on campus. Supportive residential programming helps the newest members of our community settle into life as a college student, making it easier to get to know your peers, your neighbors, and yourself.

Campus housing staff members are eager to greet and assist; support your curricular goals and personal preferences; and create events that promote education, community service, self-responsibility, a sense of belonging, and social interaction. It’s a home away from home.

Pro-tip: Take a guided tour of campus and ask about the residence halls

On a college tour, you can learn about residential programming, ask about security and health protocols, and see how close campus housing arrangements are to food, laundry, bike parking, and other practicalities. This will help you make an informed choice when it’s time to apply for housing. Take a virtual tour of CCA.

Two individuals cross the sidewalk in front of red and white buildings on opposite sides of the street.

Founders Hall (left) is conveniently located across the street from CCA’s main building on the San Francisco campus (right).

3. It provides a built-in community

Campus housing at an art and design college offers a unique opportunity to be immersed in a creative community. How many chances will you get in your lifetime to live totally surrounded by artists, designers, architects, and writers? Not to mention the non-campus art communities nearby! CCA residence halls are within walking distance of contemporary galleries, world-renowned museums, cool collectives, and organizations driving design and technological innovation.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, a sense of community will be invaluable to your college experience. Living on campus can be an antidote to isolation, and having a safe and clean home secured and waiting for you is one less thing to worry about when starting back at school.

“Living on campus can be an antidote to isolation, and having a safe and clean home secured and waiting for you is one less thing to worry about when starting back at school.”

CCA Makers Cafe in Founders Hall will eventually be open to the public, making it a convenient dining spot for your peers and the professionals who work nearby. So you could be passing the ketchup to a professional who connects you to your first internship, or striking up a conversation in line for coffee with a visiting international artist. CCA residence life is strategically set up to help you succeed in a city that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.

Pro-tip: Live on campus and plan your day ahead of time

At CCA, you can order online or sign up for daily menus, complete with your dietary preferences considered. You’ll know what's for breakfast before you even get out of bed. Sign up to receive Makers Cafe’s daily menu.

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