MFA in Film

A New Cinema Culture

The filmmaking landscape today is one of constant change. We believe these changes offer an amazing opportunity for creative and agile filmmakers to discover powerful new modes of cinematic expression and supportive infrastructures. CCA’s MFA in Film prepares students to create and thrive in this rapidly changing field.

Art, Craft & Career

To build a successful life and career as a filmmaker today, you must be an artist, a craftsperson, and an entrepreneur. Our program encourages you to continuously question and refine your ideas and working methods, while strengthening your intuitive and conceptual capabilities.

Become a Cinema Visionary

Our unique multidisciplinary culture, and diverse, award-winning faculty (including two-time Oscar-winning director Rob Epstein), provide ideal conditions for developing thriving practices in today’s media landscape. Read a recent interview with Rob Epstein »

CCA’s MFA in Film is a laboratory for you to develop your work and a sustainable career, and by extension, to make a real impact on the future of cinema. Working in narrative, nonfiction, and hybrid forms, students are immersed in a range of practices throughout this two-year program.

Click here for a Vimeo reel of recent work from CCA Film students.

Bay Area's Film Community

The MFA in Film program takes full advantage of all that the Bay Area arts community has to offer, including student collaborations with A.C.T.'s (American Conservatory Theater) MFA program and field trips to Skywalker Ranch, the  Sundance Film Festival, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.

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MFA in Film at California College of the Art (CCA)