Our Studios

Our program’s studios are housed in the Graduate Center, a complex of three buildings located on Hooper Street (adjacent to the Montgomery Building, the main structure of the San Francisco campus).

In addition to the individual studio space allotted to each student, Hooper 1 also contains classrooms and the graduate offices for Fine Arts, Design, Visual and Critical Studies, Curatorial Practice, and the MBA in Design Strategy programs.

Hooper 2 and 3 adjoin a courtyard used for outdoor fabrication that includes a welding shed.

All three buildings offer a combination of natural and artificial lighting and 24-hour access.

Social Practice Workshop

The Social Practice Workshop is located in a shared studio within the graduate studios complex.

Located adjacent to the Hooper courtyard, it includes worktable/desks for 20 students, a small lounge area, and presentation space.

Critique Spaces

A variety of critique spaces become available throughout the Hooper complex every year. Those that are permanent include

  • the Trapezoid, a light-adjustable space, located in the same building as the Social Practice Workshop
  • the white-walled atrium, a clean, light-filled two-story space within Hooper 1

In addition, studios in Hooper 1-3 can be made available as enrollment permits. All rooms have a sign-up schedule, so students can set up and view work outside their studios both during the semester and for reviews.

Studio Resources

Students have access to technical facilities in digital media, film, video and sound editing facilities including designated graduate media labs.

In addition, students can use darkrooms and photo facilities, a foam room, spray booth, wood shop, model shop, and alternative materials shop as well as facilities for glass, printmaking, ceramics, metalwork, and textiles.

Audio/visual equipment is available to check out at the Media Center on either the San Francisco or Oakland campus.

Learn more about the studio resources (shops) available on the San Francisco campus.