A Residency Intensive

The newly initiated Residency Intensive in Grad Fine Arts is a platform for concentrated student engagement with distinguished visiting artists, selected by the Dean of Fine Arts and Graduate Fine Arts faculty. Notable artists are invited to teach a graduate-level seminar in Fine Arts, engaging students in a variety of pedagogical activities during what coalesces into to a month-long, intensive learning site. This unique curricular opportunity affords students unprecedented access to leading figures in contemporary art who desire to be part of and contribute to an academy, but are unable to commit to an entire semester. The Residency Intensive provides focused daily interaction with students who work with visiting artists toward agreed-upon learning outcomes. This pedagogical model exposes Grad Fine Arts students to a variety of voices and perspectives throughout a single academic year.

A signature component of the Residency Intensive is the making of a public work by enrolled students and the visiting artist. The work—ranging from performance, public intervention, reading, film, exhibition, and publication—is presented at the conclusion of the residency. To that end, the overall aim for the initiative is to generate a robust learning experience where the intimacy, intellectual rigor, social engagement, and critical reflection of a private academic seminar merges with the urgency of facing the public sphere.