Explore what's possible as a transfer student

The following primer for potential transfer students can help you picture yourself learning, making, and thriving in our community of creative-citizens, in a region of international prestige.

Why CCA?

Earn your degree from a top-ranked art and design school

Design student smiling at his computer desk. The wall behind him is full of colorful posters.

Transferring to CCA means you’ll develop your artistic skills while growing your network in one of the most creative places in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area. Here, you’ll find a talented, collaborative community ready to help you merge theory and practice through a wide range of interdisciplinary, hands-on experiences—so you can take your creative practice and career potential to a higher level.

CCA is very transfer-friendly, and we make the process as simple as possible: You can transfer at any time, and no minimum credits are required. Transfer applicants have a 75% acceptance rate, and once you’re on campus, you’ll be in good company. Nearly half of our undergraduate students transfer from a community college or other accredited four-year institution, and many live in CCA housing, including our brand new residence, Founders Hall.

What We Do

Make art that matters

CCA students learn how to use their skills to actively shape the future and make work that makes a difference. This distinctive mission of ours is achieved through supportive hands-on learning and a radically creative spirit that can only be found in the Bay Area.

Here are stories of students learning to look at the world in a new way and find solutions to modern-day problems, no matter their discipline.


Your personal guide throughout the transfer process

Connect one-on-one with a counselor

Text, call, email, or schedule an appointment with a member of our Admissions team! We can answer questions about articulation agreements and transfer requirements, provide feedback on your portfolio, arrange a campus visit, and help with pretty much anything else that comes up along your journey to a CCA degree.

A student looks at a large-scale painting on the floor with Professor Linda Geary.

Transfer Admissions

+1 415-529-4802 (call, text)

[email protected]

Transfer Pathways

Transfer anytime, with no minimum requirements

Two students paint at easels in the painting and drawing studio.

You might be ready for the next step at a different part of the journey than, say, a high school senior, so you can apply to CCA at any time through our website or using the Common Application. You’ll automatically be considered for transfer student scholarships if you apply for spring admission by October 1 or fall admission by March 1.

There are no minimum requirements to transfer to CCA. We just recommend first completing 12 studio units at your home institution and, if possible, 12 units of first-year Humanities and Sciences requirements.

Articulation agreements support your journey to CCA

If you transfer to CCA under the terms of one of our more than 40 articulation agreements, we can guarantee your credits will transfer when you do. It can potentially save you time and tuition as your work toward a prestigious CCA degree.

If you already know what you want to study, you should consider a specific type of articulation agreement called 2 + 2. These agreements mean that courses in a particular major—ones that correspond to a CCA program—have been reviewed and approved by our faculty for college credit. When completed successfully, the 2 + 2 guarantees students can transfer from a postsecondary institution to CCA at the start of their third academic year.

Learn more about our articulation agreements and how they could work for you.

Virtual Events

Learn with us before you even apply

A portfolio review at National Portfolio Day 2019.

At CCA, you’ll connect with a range of visiting artists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and others thanks to our access to the Bay Area’s influential art and design communities and business industries. Here are two ways to follow along now and learn more about our undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate Admissions Events

Register now for these valuable informational events for prospective undergraduate students, including Q+As with program chairs, current students, alumni, and faculty and discussions with admissions and financial aid counselors. RSVP for an upcoming event.

CCA Public Programming

Many upcoming lectures, screenings, and events in our virtual spaces are free and open to the public, including weekly chats with faculty from various divisions. View the exhibitions and public programming calendar.

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Take charge of your creative future

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