All students should familiarize themselves with the Painting-Drawing Studio Access Policy, listed below, prior to using the facilities.

CCA's Painting/Drawing Program's main facilities and all upper-level courses are located on the San Francisco campus, while several introductory courses and workshops are hosted on the historic Oakland campus.

The San Francisco Painting Studios are large, open, sunlit rooms situated next to expansive north-facing windows that run the length of the Montgomery building (the main building on the campus).

The Painting Studios at the Oakland campus feature beautiful skylights and are surrounded by a length of patio for outside painting among a tree-lined setting.

The Drawing Studios on each campus are welcoming, generous, and multipurpose rooms designed with adjustable lighting setups.

The Painting and Drawing Studios serve as a laboratory for students to explore and experiment with materials, stage impromptu critiques, and host late-night group painting sessions.

Within these open spaces Painting/Drawing students are encouraged to build an energized painting community, hosting such events as the student-led Painting Club and Graduate Drawing Group, Figure Drawing Nights, Stretcher Bar Tutorials, and the small-talk lecture series Notes from the Studio that features casual artist talks by the Painting faculty.

Senior Painting Studios

Each senior Painting student enrolled in the required program courses is allotted a dedicated personal studio space on the San Francisco campus for two semesters. During the semester, seniors have 24-hour access to their studios, as detailed in the San Francisco campus access policy.


Painting Studios

  • Abundant natural light from floor to ceiling via north-facing windows in San Francisco; skylights in Oakland
  • Air-filtration system
  • Halogen lights
  • Large basin sinks
  • Easels
  • Rolling painting walls
  • Large tables and palette tables
  • Large painting racks for storage
  • San Francisco studios feature a full digital set-up for lectures and presentations

Drawing Studios

  • Large basin sinks
  • Halogen lights
  • Easels
  • Large tables and palette tables
  • Extensive props, including animal and human skeletons, as well as numerous options for staging and lighting

Studio Access Policy

Studio access is prioritized for students currently enrolled in program courses and Painting/Drawing majors only.

CCA students, faculty, and staff who are not currently enrolled have limited access by special arrangement with the studio manager. Contact the studio manager for more information (see below).

Access to the Drawing Room is limited to program courses and program events only.


Senior Painting Studios are located within the Nave on the San Francisco campus.

Painting Studios

N14/16 and N10/12, Nave, San Francisco campus
Martinez 5 and 6, Martinez Hall (2nd floor), Oakland campus

Drawing Studios

Drawing Room 200 (2nd floor), San Francisco campus
Carriage House 1 & 2, Oakland campus

Access Hours

The San Francisco Painting Studios are open to currently enrolled students 24 hours daily, except when classes are in session, under the following conditions:

  • No one is allowed to enter the buildings between midnight and 6 a.m. The campus is closed during these hours.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the studios after midnight.

Oakland's Painting and Drawing Studios are open to students when classes are not in session, following the Oakland campus access hours and policies, which are posted outside the studios each semester.