About MBA in Design Strategy

The Right Kind of MBA for Our Changing World

CCA’s MBA in Design Strategy program is proudly unconventional because defying convention is the basis of innovation and sustained competitive advantage.

We unite design, management, technology, and generative leadership into a holistic framework for total value creation.

By “total value creation,” we mean something much more than mere profitability.

Businesses haven't always been -- and don't need to be -- focused solely on profitability. We translate strategic foresight and market insights into opportunities to create socially responsive, culturally relevant, and technologically appropriate lasting value.

Contact hellodmba@cca.edu for additional information.

Andrew Dong headshot
DMBA students and alumni inside the Nave
The backs of five DMBA students
Modular device that highlights the name Intel
Werner Berger guest speaker for DMBA
Group of students listening to speaker