Meet the Chair

Andy Dong headshot

It is my privilege to chair CCA's MBA in Design Strategy program and be among such a community of design strategists. We hope you chose to collaborate with us to advance your career.

Our alumni, the growing number of top-funded startups led by designers, venture capital “design partners,” and thought-leading corporate executives such as James Dyson, Indra Nooyi, and Alberto Alessi, all agree with us on the value of a design-based perspective on business.

Our Winning Formula

Design is the practice of value creation. Management is the practice of value optimization. Combine them and you have a potent mixture to create robust strategies for businesses with a strong social and economic rationale.

Where else should you learn about this than in a business program within the one of the world’s most vibrant art and design schools -- one that is located in the epicenter of global entrepreneurial activity?

Our Mission

My mission is to make your experience in the DMBA program as transformative and connected as possible. More broadly, my goal is to make the design perspective on business an intellectual movement.

We want the world to know that right here, at CCA, with our stellar faculty and creative students, we are creating a whole new grammar for business, a grammar in which the principles of good design are also the guiding principles of a business’s value-creation process.

We are a boisterous, exciting, energetic, spirited, inventive, scrappy, and, above all, a welcoming and supportive community.

Join us. Design the future of business.