A New Kind of Business Program

Master the tools to make change and move beyond profit

The groundbreaking MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts prepares the next generation of innovation leaders for a world that is not only profitable, but also sustainable, ethical, and truly meaningful.

A Business Curriculum for Sustained Positive Impact

Because the future is TBD, the MBA in Design Strategy curriculum is future-focused on the intersection of TBD: technology, business, design.

Grounded in rigorous analysis and understanding of the basis of long-term competitive advantage of organizations as well as our own school of thought and practice in design strategy, our fully integrated curriculum prepares you for careers in strategy and innovation.

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Business & Technology Meets Art & Design

The curriculum capitalizes on our geographic advantage of being in a high-tech corridor and the intellectual and creative advantage of being situated in an art and design school.

We have specifically designed the curriculum to mirror emerging business trends and practices and to enable you to anticipate -- and design -- the future you aim to establish.

We emphasize collaboration, communication, creativity, comfort with ambiguity, and a deep grasp of business fundamentals, design methods, and technology tools.

Each semester, you dive into leading-edge design and business frameworks, methods, and tools that advance your capacity to make positive change. Techniques ranging from customer-centered research, prototyping, and iteration to business modeling and foresight analytics heighten your critical thinking and creative capabilities.

Create Socially Responsive, Culturally Relevant, and Technologically Appropriate Lasting Value

Organizations haven’t always been—and don’t need to be—focused only on money. Each semester, students develop individual and collaborative solutions to a variety of economic and social challenges.

They apply design techniques that include customer-centered research, prototyping, critique, and iteration as well as business strategies and metrics.

Solutions are evaluated according to how well students serve customer and market needs for social, cultural, ecological, and economic impacts, as well as long-term organizational and stakeholder value.

Our students work with local businesses and nonprofits to investigate real challenges within their coursework. In addition, students may take advantage of graduate-wide electives.

Experiential Learning & Advanced Skill Development

Through labs and master classes, you learn cutting-edge tools in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to inform your decisions and develop greater insight about customers and opportunities.

Advanced perspectives and approaches for personal and generative leadership, coupled with business strategy, increase your ability to lead successfully through times of uncertainty, volatility, and change.

Through team-based, real-world projects with external clients, you develop deep, practical experience in managing today’s fluid interconnected markets and ecosystems -- and help craft success strategies for the future.

Solutions are evaluated according to how well you serve customer and market needs for social, cultural, ecological, and economic impacts.