Challenge your perceptions of painting and drawing, and shape your own vision as an artist.


Express Your Ideas

Explore the traditions of painting and drawing, while taking bold new risks as an artist. Our Painting/Drawing Program celebrates the power of painting and the mark of the human hand, which are our traditional methods and craft, while also embracing an innovative and expanded definition of the discipline. Here you’ll be challenged to work both on and off canvas, to push into the experimental, the digital, and the handmade, and to redefine the rules of painting itself.

Expand Your Palette

You’ll begin by learning and applying the painting-specific skills needed to develop your personal voice. As you progress, the coursework shifts to mentored and inspired experiments that focus on your conceptual and material development. Working with our renowned faculty, whose art has been collected by museums and shown at galleries around the world, you’ll discover new materials, concepts, and inspiration that will help you take your work in unexpected directions.

Shape Your Practice

To further extend your learning, you’ll engage in intimate discussions with practicing artists and explore the vibrant Bay Area art scene that surrounds you. As you soak up the nuanced perspectives of this diverse artistic community, you’ll expand your own ideas about painting, so you can develop the vision you’ll need to build a successful contemporary practice -- and a lifelong creative career.