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The interdisciplinary future of design: Interview with Dean Helen Maria Nugent

CCA Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent discusses the intangible skills gained in a design education.

Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent posing in the MFA design studios


Hoang and Anh Nguyen: Creative Session

Brothers Hoang and Anh Nguyen started a club for students to help each other and improve their skills.

Creative Session SketchLAB hero


Five tips to building a winning portfolio

Creating an art school portfolio is hard work, let alone creating an awesome one that will have your inbox flooded with acceptance letters. These portfolio tips will not only help you choose what work to include, but also give you insights into what admis

Fashion student's sketch book


Shannon and the Clams got its start at CCA house parties

Shannon and the Clams bandmates Cody Blanchard and Shannon Shaw first met at California College of the Arts in 4D, a studio class that's part of the undergraduate core curriculum.

The band Shannon and the Clams


Want to work for Pixar? How art school can help

Learn how art school prepares you to work at top-tier companies like Pixar.

Students playing with Pixar ball


Three reasons why San Francisco is the best city for art students

Why go to art school in San Francisco? Location matters. In San Francisco, art and industry are everywhere, and opportunities abound.

View of downtown San Francisco from Delores Park.


Five ways CCA helps you make art that matters

Discover five ways students at CCA, in the innovation hub of the Bay Area, are making art that matters.

Detail of an Architecture program ecology model in the Nave


Six things to know before starting your art college search

If you’re just beginning to search for art colleges, here are the most important things you need to know to evolve from art college newbie to an expert school researcher:

Detail of students shaping glass blown work in the hot shop


Five of the best graphic design programs in the U.S.

Design is everywhere. From the Snapchat user interface to the billboards in Times Square, someone has used their mastery of visual language to tell a story, communicate a message, or inspire a response. Where can you earn the bachelor’s degree that will l

Student printing their graphic design large scale posters in the blotter studio


Three truly amazing internships for art students

These internships at Nike, Pixar, and Intel held by recent CCA students became launchpads for their future careers.

teacher and student discussing architecture project in front of laptop


Three tips to get into the art school of your dreams

Improve your chances of being admitted to a top art and design college with these three suggestions.

Fashion design student presenting fashion critique in Nave


Four common mistakes made by art college applicants

Every little mistake on your application can risk giving admissions personnel the wrong impression about you, potentially sending you to the bottom of the list at your preferred schools. Here are the four most common college application mistakes, so you c

Lithograph carvings detail


CCA Cinema Visionaries: Laura Poitras

MFA and BFA film students hear from Laura Poitras, journalist and Academy Award-winning director, during CCA Cinema Visionaries, a yearly lecture series.

Portrait of filmmaker and Cinema Visionaries visiting artist, Laura Poitras


How one alum uses his art degree to make a difference

Banker White’s art college odyssey took him from crafting giant drums, to making documentaries, to helping found a successful cooperative of multimedia artists in a recovering nation.

Alumni Banker White's project WeOwnTV


Three simple questions can help you find the perfect art school

When researching art colleges, it's helpful to think ahead by asking yourself critical questions about what a sustainable practice looks like, where you'd like to live, and more.

Students in the sculpture foundry breaking open a clay mold


Illustration or Graphic Design: Which is the best major for you?

While these majors have some similarities, they also have differences in their curriculum and job prospects. We've compared them in a few key areas to see how they stack up against each other.

Illustration student painting a graphic poster


10 tips for finding scholarships for art schools

Here are tips for finding scholarships for art school, which can help offset art degree costs.

Three students laugh next to their architectural model during a critique.


Six profitable careers you can get with an art school degree

Money isn't the main reason you're pursuing an art degree, but it matters, just like your art does. There's no reason you should have to choose between making a comfortable living and working in a fulfilling job: there are plenty of exciting careers you c

Fashion Design students fashion line sketch for class crit


What can you do with an arts degree? Here are five amazing careers.

As a prospective art student, you're probably concerned about finding employment after school. The good news is there are some excellent jobs available for arts degree holders. These careers let you apply the skills you learned in school to bring your own

"Free the Data" project by Aaron De La Cruz (Illustration, 2004)


What can you do with a design degree? Here are six awesome careers.

How did design's "greats” become great? Many of them earned a degree in the design field. Learn about what a design degree can do for you and find out how to get the skills and perspective needed to positively impact society and create beauty while doing

CCA animation students working in digital animation lab