Laptop & Software

Laptops Are Required

Much of the Interaction Design curriculum is based on digital media. The program, therefore, requires students to have laptops and recommends certain software.

Recommended Laptop

CCA recommends the 15-inch MacBook Pro model from Apple. Please visit the student recommendations and requirements page for general school requirements.

Visit the Online Apple Store to take advantage of CCA's student Apple discount program.

CCA students also can purchase Apple hardware at an academic discount from any Apple retail store by presenting their CCA ID card.

Required Software

Adobe Creative Cloud is required for Interaction Design students. The bundle provides software for image editing, illustration, interactive desktop, and mobile prototyping.

The Adobe Creative Cloud access fee covers this cost, students will receive an invitation to Adobe CC during the first week of class.

You can visit the Journey Ed site to find discounted software.

Students are also required to have a Sketch app account.