Founded by the CCA Sculpture Program and Individualized Majors in 2009, the student-led organization S.P.A.C.E. (social projects and community environments) is a collective network of students, alumni, faculty, and community collaborators who focus on questions of space and place, and how we exist within and through it.


S.P.A.C.E. organizers host and design projects that study, disrupt, and reimagine the systems that shape the spaces we inhabit.

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Provisional Center

S.P.A.C.E. in Residence 2016

October 14–November 15
A21 gallery (Shaklee Building, Oakland campus)

INTRA-CURRICULAR: The Provisional Center for Artistic Inquiry

This project is an experiment in the "temporary service" or "catalyzing action" of what has come to be called social practice.

S.P.A.CE. is using the month-long residency to create a space of criticality, one that looks at the current space of inhabitance (CCA, the Bay Area, the United States, Earth, October/November 2016) to develop a criteria or curriculum that addresses the areas of experimental geography, identity and gender politics, the political economy, and cosmopolitan diplomacy.

These entry points ask such questions as:

  • What role does place play in orientation?
  • How are utopian/universal places territorialized/governed?
  • What do we gain in specifying where a place starts and ends?

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