Transfer Credit

Sound planning allows you to maximize your number of transferable units and ensure you enroll in courses that best prepare you for acceptance to CCA.

We recommend students consider transferring to CCA after successfully completing a minimum of 12 studio credits and, whenever possible, the 12 units of first-year Humanities and Sciences requirements (listed below).

Doing so allows you to start in your sophomore-level studio courses in your first year at CCA.

Suggested courses for maximizing transfer credit:

First Year

Core Studio Courses

  • Drawing
  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • 4D (Intro to Digital Media & Film) 

Humanities & Science Courses

  • English Composition
  • Intro to Art History (Prehistoric-1700s)
  • Intro to Modern Art History (1800s-present)
  • Foundations in Critical Studies

Following an offer of admission, you will have access to an online evaluation of your transfer credit to date.

Receiving Transfer Credit

Academic credits received from regionally accredited institutions are usually transferable to CCA, provided they satisfy the requirements for the BA, BFA, or BArch.

Admitted transfers can view their transfer credit (degree audit) through WebAdvisor.

  • Transfer credits for major studio requirements must reflect a B- grade (or better).Transfer credit for all other courses must reflect a C grade or better (or pass for pass/fail courses, where a pass is equivalent to a C grade or better).
  • Transfer coursework must be completed within 10 years. This limit does not apply to previously earned BAs.
  • Students who have successfully completed 12 or more studio units may receive waivers for the required Core Studio courses.
  • Transfer credit for major studio requirements are determined by transcript evaluation and faculty portfolio review.
  • BA and BFA students may transfer a maximum of 45 studio semester units; BArch applicants may transfer a maximum of 63 studio semester units.
  • Second-degree students who have a BA from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States will automatically receive transfer credit for all of the CCA Humanities and Sciences requirements (except for the 15-18 units of Visual Studies).

For more information on transfer credit, see CCA's Student Handbook.

Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate Credit

A score of 3 or better on Advanced Placement (AP) exams means transfer credit may be received.

See Advanced Placement for a complete list of all eligible exams.

A score of 4 or higher on the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam means transfer credit is applicable (up to a maximum of 30 units).


An articulation guideline is a formal agreement between two or more colleges documenting the transfer policies for a specific academic program or degree.

View CCA’s articulation agreements »


Familiarize yourself with the curriculum of the program(s) that interests you.

You can find the Course Chart on every program’s curriculum page.

California community college students can use the following resources to help with Humanities and science course requirements: