Oakland & San Francisco Campuses

One College, Two Dynamic Campuses

California College of the Arts offers two dynamic campuses: Each campus offers state-of-the art facilities and a stimulating environment to inspire students' creativity.

Four beautifully landscaped acres in the charming Rockridge district comprise the historic Oakland campus, located just two miles south of the University of California at Berkeley.

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The more urban San Francisco campus rests within the Potrero Hill neighborhood, in proximity to the city's design district and the University of California's Mission Bay biomedical research campus. The immediacy of both technology and artistry is inspiring.

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Bridging the Distance Between Campuses

The college provides students with a free and convenient shuttle service to address their transportation needs. The shuttle offers daily (Monday through Friday) scheduled morning and evening runs.

Students need only present their current student ID card to take advantage of this service.

Other Transportation

Additionally, several reliable and affordable public transportation services are available from which to choose:

AC Transit (bus service)
BART (railway)
Ride-share (a free commuter program)
Transbay ferries

Almost all of these services can accommodate bikes, but they may restrict when this is available.

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First-Year Students

During your first year at CCA, students are allowed to take all of their courses in Oakland or they may choose to take an elective each semester on the San Francisco campus.

By the time a student becomes a sophomore and has selected a major, that’s when one of the two campuses will emerge as a student’s “home” campus (i.e., the campus where the student takes the majority of courses within the major).

Transfer Students

Transfer students who enter directly into their major should locate their major in the list of programs below to identify on which campus the program is administered.

For students who are required to complete the First Year Program curriculum, the majority of those courses are offered on the Oakland campus during the first year of enrollment.


Housing options for first-year students are located on the Oakland campus: Clifton Hall, Irwin Hall, and the Avenue Apartments.

Transfer, Continuing, and Graduate Student Living Options: Residential options are available in Oakland and San Francisco:

Oakland: Webster Hall (serviced by the CCA shuttle and accessible by public transportation)

San Francisco: Panoramic Residences and Harriet Street Residence (accessible by public transportation)

Oakland Campus

The Oakland campus is home to the First Year Program, the first-year community residence halls, and undergraduate students who are majoring in the following programs:

Community Arts
Jewelry / Metal Arts
Visual Studies
Writing and Literature

The Oakland campus also offers drawing and painting studios (see note below under San Francisco campus).

Additionally, CCA's Center for Art and Public Life is located on the Oakland campus.

San Francisco Campus

The San Francisco campus is home to our graduate programs, and undergraduate students who are majoring in the following programs:

Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interaction Design
Interior Design

The Painting/Drawing Program offers courses on both campuses. Sophomore- and junior-level courses are offered on each campus, while senior-level courses and individual senior studios are provided at the San Francisco campus only.

The San Francisco campus also houses the CCA Wattis Institute.

Questions & Answers

Q: Where are the humanities and sciences courses taught?
A: We offer humanities and sciences courses on both campuses.

Q: Are similar services available on each campus?
A: Yes, both campuses support a library, computer labs, a café, student support, and administrative services.

Q: Do I have to commute back and forth on a daily basis?
A: Most students plan their schedule to minimize the commute between campuses.

Q: How long is the commute between campuses?
A: It can take as short as half an hour or as long as an hour or more, depending on traffic. Taking the shuttle reduces the commute time.

Q: Do I have enough time to commute between campuses?
A: Yes, CCA gives students an hour between most classes.

Q: How do I transport my projects between campuses?
A: The shuttle has ample space to store large work in the luggage bay. (Available on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Q: May I take my bicycle on the shuttle?
A: Yes, the shuttle can accommodate bicycles in the luggage bay. (Available on a first-come, first-served basis.)